The Secrets to Passing Your Driving Test First Time

Everyone wants to pass their driving the test first time, so what are some of the secrets to passing? It is not easy to pass your driving test the first time and the pass rate is just 47.1%, so you must be well-prepared to take the test. Whether you are 17 or learning to drive at any age, there are many benefits to learning to drive, including greater independence, flexibility, and further employment opportunities. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you to pass the first time.

Get the Most Out of Lessons

First, you need to make the most out of your lessons. On average, lessons cost around £30 with most people needing 45 hours to pass, so you must make the most out of these lessons. You can do this by practising everything that you learn between lessons with a friend or family member to improve your skills and so that you can always learn something new during your lessons without having to go over what you learned last time. Just make sure that you have learner driver insurance when practising with a friend or family member.

Learn the Show-me, Tell-me Questions

The show-me, tell-me section of the practical driving test will be one of the first parts of the test and you can prepare for this section by learning what the questions will be. You can find a list of these questions online, so you can easily prepare for this section by going through each one and planning on how you will answer them.

Know the Difference Between Minors & Majors

You also need to prepare for the test by knowing what minors and majors are. Minors are small errors that you make during the test that can include things like not checking your mirrors properly, stalling, and failing the eyesight test. You are allowed 15 minors on the test – any more than this and you will fail. Majors are any mistakes that you make that are dangerous or could lead to a dangerous situation. You will fail your test if you commit just one dangerous or serious fault, but you are likely only going to find out about this at the end of the test.

Hopefully, the advice in this post will help you to pass your driving test the first time around. There is no shame in not passing the first time as the pass rate is less than 50%, but it is a great feeling if you can pass the first time, and should help to boost your confidence behind the wheel. No matter what age you pass your test, you should find this to be life-changing as it can open up a whole new world for you.