Unlock your hidden management superpower with The Answer Is A Question

Today, there’s a new challenge facing managers – a phenomenon Dominic Ashley-Timms calls ‘the great realignment’.
The workforce now has 5 distinct generational cohorts for the first time ever, and with this comes a barrage of new problems, lying in wait for millions of ‘accidental managers’ everywhere.
Enter, The Answer Is a Question (TSO, October, 2022).
In the face of current world events changing the way in which we work, Dominic and Laura’s perfectly timed book is the ideal response.
But this book isn’t another post-pandemic management guide contemplating the nuances of remote work.
The Answer is a Question is the distillation of hard-won insights into actionable, measurable steps for any manager who wants more from themselves and their colleagues.
Available from TSO, a publisher with thousands of titles under their belt, The Answer Is a Question draws on more than 60 years of collective experience at the very top tier of global businesses, working with some of the world’s best-known organisations, Laura and Dominic set out the fundamentals of their model for rehumanising management and helping all of us become ‘better people people’.
Sharing details of their ground-breaking and now, academically proven* Operational Coaching™ programme STAR® Manager, The Answer Is a Question empowers all of us to become better leaders, better managers and better colleagues, all by discovering how to ask better questions.
By accessing what the authors call our ‘hidden superpower’, readers who commit to asking better questions, guided by the illuminating case studies and personal testimonies included in the book, can expect to:
. Recoup a day a week of time
. Reduce stress, in work and out
. Concentrate on higher value tasks
. Develop an infectious habit for asking powerful questions
. Foster creativity and problem-solving in colleagues
. Rehumanise their management approach
The Answer is a Question challenges readers to rethink their perspective on how they manage others by illustrating with actionable steps:
How to identify a coachable moment in (almost) any work scenario
How to go further than ‘active listening’ and learn to listen at an intuitive level
How to improve key relationships quickly
How to easily supercharge confidence in others

How to move beyond to-do lists and discover the joy in managing others