Discover Why Graphic Tees are the Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

Want to elevate your wardrobe but not sure quite how? Look to your basics. You can create hundreds of looks from sleek jeans, cool jackets, and fitted tees. While a simple black or white t-shirt can do the trick – it certainly won’t help your outfit stand out. 

No matter what you wear, a cool graphic tee can be a conversation starter and help you show the world exactly who you are. Graphic tees for men can instantly add a pop of personality to any look. Depending on what you pair your graphic tee with, you can keep it casual or dress it up for a night on the town. 

Find Your Fit 

 Don’t settle for an ill-fitting tee. Even the coolest graphic tees will fall flat if they fit poorly. Loose baggy t-shirts or shirts that fit too snug can make you look larger than you are. 

When shopping for graphic tees for men, you want to find the right fit. Look for tees that: 

  • Choose a slim fit – tight through the chest but looser at the bottom without being baggy. This will emphasize your masculine silhouette. 
  • Sleeves should end just before your bicep. They should lay flat against your arm while remaining loose enough to allow easy movement. 
  • The neckline should lie flat without feeling too tight or constricting.
  • Tees should be long enoug to fall just past your belt.

If shopping online, take a few measurements before ordering and reference the size guide to find your fit. Check out the reviews and see what other men say about whether or not the tees run true to size. 

Show Off Your Unique Sense of Style 

Graphic tees for men allow you to showcase art, humor, slogans, and more on your body. You can share your favorite music with the world, a cool print, or a pattern. Clothing says so much about who you are – a picture says a thousand words… Why not use a graphic tee to tell your unique story through clothing? 

Feeling funny? Where a shirt with a funny quote or a quirky character from your favorite kids’ show. Show off your sense of adventure by sporting a graphic tee from a location you traveled to. Or simply sport a geometric print to add flair to a pair of jeans. You’ll feel more confident when your clothing speaks to who you are. 

Have a Rich History 

Historically, tee shirts were worn as undergarments. Graphic tees for men were first worn by the military in WWII and denoted the branch or training program to which the wearer belonged. T-shirts didn’t gain popularity as outwear until James Dean made them mainstream by wearing one in the iconic 1950s film A Streetcar Named Desire. 

Once the world got a sense of the sex appeal a basic tee had, the media quickly realized the marketing appeal of adding graphics to a t-shirt. Tropix Togs bought the rights to Mickey Mouse, the first example of licensing in t-shirts, and the graphic tee was born. 

Political groups used graphic tees during the 60s and 70s to share their liberal views with the world. Quickly the phenomenon was embraced by the counter-culture. Iconic bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles put their logos onto t-shirts.  

Types of Graphic Tees

Today you can find a variety of styles of graphic tees for men. 

  • Band Shirts – sold at concerts or online and feature art unique to a band or specific album. If you wear the shirt, know the band. 
  • Brand Shirts –  tees with graphics depicting the brand’s name, whether it’s a designer like Gucci, an athletic brand like Nike, or a local coffee shop. 
  • Text Tee – feature a word, quote, or phrase printed on the shirt in a unique font. Could be comic, political, or inspiring. 
  • Artwork – a t-shirt featuring a unique artistic design. 
  • All Over Print – rather than having one image on the front, this tee features art in a pattern over the entire shirt. 

Ways to Style Your Graphic Tees for Men  

Use the design of your graphic tee to decide how to style it. Jeans are always a solid choice – but a metal band t-shirt pairs better with a fitted pair of black jeans, while the tee from your local coffee shop works with blue jeans and a flannel. 

Don’t be afraid to wear your graphic tees for men with other accessories. Jackets and shoes can help tie the look together.  Just let the aesthetic of the shirt drive your choices. Let the graphic tees for men be the star of your outfit.

Rock On 

Wear your band shirt with a leather jacket and combat boots for a punk rock look, or go more grunge by pairing it with a worn flannel. 

Keep It Casual 

Elevate your joggers with a graphic tee featuring original artwork. Throw on your favorite sneakers and a bomber jacket to look effortlessly cool while you walk the dog or grab a coffee. 

Elevate Your Tee

Try an all-over print graphic tee under a blazer with khakis for an understated work look. 

Go From Brunch to Beach 

Wear a tropical-themed graphic tee shirt with your swim trunks for an effortless daytime look while on vacation. 

Hit the Gym 

Throw on a light cotton graphic tee with your gym shorts to add flair to your workout attire.