Men’s Shirts: Choose and Wear like a Pro

One of the impressive characteristics a man could ever have is how he looks in his appropriately dressed torso. Just by a glance, you can tell a man that he is doing well with his well-groomed clothes. Wearing clothes speak for who you are, so make sure that you choose the right one and wear them flawlessly.

When buying men’s shirts in shops, there are many options from which you can choose. There are different colours, fabrics, and designs, making it hard for you to decide what to buy. Considering the various features of men’s shirts, how do you settle any dilemmas before buying?

What is the common problem in wearing men’s shirts?

Before buying a shirt, it is essential to consider the way it fits on you. The common mistake of men is that they buy shirts that are not suitable for them. Men purchase either a large one or a small one, which does not fit them.

Many available garments are considered to fit most men, but the reality is that these ready-made shirts suit no one. If you find a shirt that fits your neck, it might fail you when it comes to the sleeves. When you find something that has a perfect sleeve length, it might fail you on your stomach.

How to choose a shirt that fits you?

A perfect shirt should be comfortable. Do not wear shirts that are too tight or too loose. Looser shirts are best with men with larger bodies while form fit shirts are best for thin or petite men. You can tell that you are wearing the right shirt when two fingers can still fit between the fabric and your neck even when it is buttoned up. It should also be long enough to feel comfortable raising your arm. Most notably, space is important. Your shirt should have enough room for about 1-3 inches in the waist and chest, depending on the fit that you desire, perfect shirts by Tender Co.

What are the different things to consider in a shirt?

Men’s shirts have different features that you can consider before buying. The various features are the following:

  • Fabric: Most mens shirts come in different materials such as cotton, synthetic fibres, and silk. Cotton fabrics have excellent moisture and heat conduction and smoothness, making it more comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, synthetic fibres are stain-resistant, and silk offers a light shade but needs better maintenance.
  • Colour: There are different colours available for sweaters, but white and blue are the most common. The white-coloured shirt is the most popular and formal, which will never go out of style. Meanwhile, blue functions better as it compliments most complexions.
  • Pattern: Patterns such as solid, stripe, and check are the popular choices, while solid is the most formal and straightforward pattern. Wearing a solid design will give you a better view of your shirt’s fit and style. Vertical stripes create the illusion of length, and horizontal stripes stimulate width. Meanwhile, the check pattern is the least formal and should go well with a tie for a better combination.

Choosing the perfect shirt might be a challenge for most men. It might look daunting if you need to consider many things before buying, but remember that how you choose and wear your clothes speaks a lot about you. Purchasing a shirt that perfectly fits you will make you feel good, so always aim for a comfortable experience before deciding or buying.