Festival Outfits To Shake Up Your Summer

Australia is an iconic world of its own, with the most beautiful landscapes etched in between the lanes of history and modernity. From thriving national parks to its exotic wildlife, stunning beachfront, and urban wonders, the country is the ideal destination and an equally wonderful place to live. But sceneries and experiences are not the only things that set Australia apart — its fashion scene is wild, girly, artsy, and inspired by contemporary and recurring trends alike.

Australia and fashion are two peas in a pod. With a prominent love for local, indie brands and lightweight and fun silhouettes, everyone who walks down the harbour dresses in gorgeous outfits. Nothing beats the feeling of new festival clothing Australia has to offer to shake up your summer and bring in fresh looks to your wardrobe. From open backs to mini skirts, here are the top clothing pieces you need to emulate your favourite Australian trends.

Bikini Tops Are The New Crop Tops

Crop tops have been fashionably relevant for ages, but they have further risen in prominence in the past couple of years. Showing off the bare stomach is a summer-approved wardrobe hack, so it comes off as no surprise that almost everyone has jumped in on the crop top trend. Every year, cropped shirts are getting wilder and wilder; and this summer, you can throw away the idea of a shirt altogether with bikini-inspired crop tops dominating Australian online shelves.

Your favourite bralettes, halters, off-shoulders, and ultra-fun swimwear tops have become an everyday garment. And if you choose to cover up with sleeves, then there are plenty of open back crops to accommodate the breeze. Dress them up with an oversized blazer for a chic look, put on a light cardigan for a teasing peek-a-boo, or bare it all with a bikini-inspired top to keep you fresh for the summer. Top the look off with beachy waves or loosened curls — summer outfits have never been so fun!

Go Short Or Go Home

The higher the sun, the higher the skirt. This year makes no excuses to elevating the mini skirts and dresses trend. Mesh options are everywhere and are a staple in the styles like festival clothing Australia that is all about bringing the party back home with outfits that show off your best self. Pair a sheer, mesh mini skirt or dress with your favourite bikini for a showy cover-up, or opt for a girly crochet option to bring back the best of 2012.

This summer, skirts and dresses are super tight and body-hugging to show off your curves. Animal prints are still in: you can rock them with a leather jacket and Chelsea boots or a pair of strappy heels for a special night. Pleather skirts that fall mere inches down your thighs have taken on a chic approach with buckles that will instantly make you look powerful. Pair them with a sheer bodysuit and your favourite bikini-inspired crop top, and you have got yourself an Instagram-worthy look.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Two-Piece Sets

A timeless trend that never dies is the love for two-piece sets, which you can wear across all seasons and occasions, but will enjoy the most in the summer. They are essentially a top and bottom made with the same pattern and material: a perfect match that ensures that your look for the day (or night) is coordinated and fun. You can make them work for any occasion, depending on the material you choose.

Two-piece sets featuring this summer’s go-to combo — a bikini-inspired top and tight mini skirt — are also wardrobe must-haves. Australia’s laid-back style has gotten an upgrade with sets that you can mix and match with the rest of your closet. With prints such as holo, animal, and flames, you can go for a put-together set or wear them effortlessly as separates.

Australia’s fashion scene is always moving forward and taking inspiration from the most iconic styles. If you have meant to incorporate festival clothing into your daily looks, then this season’s picks make wonderful additions that you can dress up or down — whichever you prefer!

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