Ways technology is improving our lives

Technology is rapidly improving; it doesn’t feel like too long ago that all of us were still using flip phones and the thought of a touchscreen phone sounded like something out of a far-fetched sci-fi movie. If you grew up in the 2000s, the thought of a world without any technology is pretty hard to imagine. Many of us rely on technology for a large range of important things such as keeping in touch with friends, working, entertainment, and even physical health! It really seems as though there’s nothing that technology can’t do, and when you look closely at all of the up-and-coming technology, it’s pretty clear that we are only just getting started! Looking to hear about some of the ways technology is improving our lives? Well, stay tuned!

Safety and Security

When thinking about the ways technology is improving our lives, it would be silly not to mention something as significant as safety and security. In our homes, there is a range of security systems that you can choose to have installed that are sure to keep your home at the lowest risk of a break-in. An example of this would be having CCTV set up all around your property, click here for CCTV installation! CCTV is one of the greatest ways that you can keep yourself and your home safe, but it’s been around for a while. It’s also worth talking about some of the great ways new advancements in technology can benefit us too. An example of this is how the new generation of apple watches can actually call emergency services for you when it detects that you have fallen over and possibly knocked yourself unconscious. Of course, this is something that you can turn off, but it’s amazing how this exists. 


There is a range of all different types of entertainment that wouldn’t be possible without technology. Having some form of good entertainment is necessary for all of us, and technology gives us many options. TV was invented a long time ago now, but compared to what it is now, it’s completely different. The use of smart TVs and such allow you to watch whatever you want at whatever time you want, and CGI in some movies and shows have been getting more impressive than ever! Not to mention video games, game consoles are powerful as the Xbox Series X and the PS5 have completely changed the way people play video games forever. Now even the most casual of gamers can experience 4k resolution with graphics so realistic that it’s hard to tell apart from real life! Not only that, but physics and such have also been improving in video games making for a much more immersive experience. If you have a look at the game red dead redemption two, you’ll be aware of how far things have come from Pac-man and space invaders!


Medical technology has been a lifesaver for many, nowadays, many people owe their good health to how great technology has become and how useful it can be in the field. Even things you wouldn’t consider such as how easy it is to analyse healthcare data have become infinitely easier which has had very noticeable benefits over the years. The development of drugs and vaccines has been rapid compared to how things used to be. Due to how important healthcare is, it’s without a doubt one of the best ways technology is improving our lives.

3D printing

3D printing isn’t only extremely cool, it can have a whole load of brilliant uses that could completely change the standards of manufacturing totally! 3D printing can save time, and money and no one even has to be present while it’s taking place, it can be programmed to print itself! An example of one of the great ways that 3D printing could benefit society would be how much easier it could be for people to access prosthetics, which can change the lives of many people. 3D items can also be used to make a load of other general items, and when we say that we mean basically anything you can think of.

It keeps us connected

Nowadays, we are more connected to each other than ever before. Not too long ago, texting and phoning your friends or family as easily as you can nowadays was completely impossible. It would be necessary to visit people in real life in order to have an actual conversation with them. With social media apps, we can share as much as we choose to with our friends, family, and the world! We can share our ideas, thoughts, and opinions with others with just the click of a button. Although this is fantastic, there are also a lot of downsides to social media. For example, despite feeling more connected, it seems as though we have simultaneously become more distanced in a way, remembering that a face-to-face conversation is very valuable. Also, sometimes seeing others posting on social media can have more negative effects than positive. This is why although technology is brilliant, it’s important to always pay close attention to how much we are revolving our lives around it. Be sure to limit your time using things such as smartphones and enjoy life for what it is, too much of a good thing can always be a bad thing! We hope you enjoyed our list of ways that technology is improving our lives.