Love Island’s Hannah Elizabeth Teases Brand New Projects

Hannah Elizabeth: Love Island Superstar

It’s safe to say that 7 years ago, when Love Island hit the small screens, the whole wide nation fell in love with one charming girl, Hannah Elizabeth. The babe charmed the audience of the show and gained fans all around the globe.

It’s no wonder, though, as she’s as beautiful as it gets and has a personality that you simply cannot resist. But what has she been up to nowadays and does she plan a return on big screens? Let’s dive straight into the article and find out!

What Has Hannah Elizabeth Been Up To Lately?

Exclusive Updates on Hannah Elizabeth’s Career and Life

So far, Hannah Elizabeth’s career has been nothing but fascinating. The babe started out as a Playboy bunny, then all of a sudden appeared on Love Island. On top of that, she was the first girl ever to be interviewed for the hit TV show, which says a lot about her!

Nowadays, she’s huge on Instagram and OnlyFans, and on top of that she hosts her own podcast and even has her own NFTs. Does it get any better than that? Yes, yes it does!

Apart from being a hugely successful glamour girl, Hannah Elizabeth is also a mom! Currently, she lives in Liverpool with her two and a half year old son, Reggie, who she says is her best friend. 

Hannah moved back to Liverpool so she could balance her mom life and career successfully with the help of her family. But, she’s planning to move back to Essex with Reggie to live with her boyfriend. Wait, did we say boyfriend?

All About Hannah Elizabeth’s New Boyfriend

Yes, you read that right, Hannah Elizabeth has a new boyfriend, and it’s a true love story! You can forget all about her affair with Jon from Love Island because that happened years ago, as now she’s with Frank Major.

Frank has been a contestant in The Only Way Is Essex a couple of years ago, but that’s not where she and Hannah met. The two have been best friends for quite a long time, 10 years to be more precise, and fell in love after a decade of friendship.

Hannah says that she has never been as happy in a relationship and thinks that she’s been destined to be with Frank. They know everything about each other as they were besties for almost a decade, and now everything in their relationship is going smoothly.

Most importantly, Reggie adores Frank and likes being around him, so Hannah has truly won the lottery!

Is Hannah Elizabeth Enjoying New Love Island Episodes?

Now, you might be wondering whether quite possibly the biggest star of Love Island likes the show’s new episodes.

Not only does Hannah like the new Love Island series, she even says that she’s completely addicted to them. Like the rest of the nation, this babe too is rooting for Ekin-Su and Davide, the show’s power couple.

Hannah also says that she’s super happy that the new couple from Love Island is getting a spin off show, as it’ll help their careers prosper like it helped hers.

Namely, after her appearance on Love Island, Hannah Elizabeth starred in Love Island: Aftersun, which featured exclusive interviews with contestants from the show. She also stayed in touch with a lot of producers and people from ITV, which allowed her to land new gigs.

Hannah Elizabeth’s Advice on Getting Into Love Island

If you’re looking for advice on getting into Love Island, there’s no girl that could give you better tips than Hannah Elizabeth!

The diva says that the best thing you can do if you want to get accepted for Love Island is to try and stand out from others. The easiest way to accomplish this is being yourself and trying to sell the key points about your personality. 

Make jokes, be charming, be open, and you’ll be on Love Island in no time! 

What Are Hannah Elizabeth’s Plans for the Future?

If you’re wondering whether Hannah Elizabeth has any plans to get back on TV, you’re in luck because the diva has loads of stuff coming up. She says that you’ll be seeing her soon on small screens, but that she can’t really share it as she wants it to be a surprise.

Besides that, you can expect to see some pretty hot photo shoots of Hannah that she did with Katie Price, her colleague from the modelling industry. The two make an amazing couple together and you’ll adore their pics, which you can check out on Elizabeth’s Instagram and OnlyFans Pages.

And, if you want to find more about the diva, be sure to check out her latest exclusive interview!