5 Ways To Keep Household Cleaning Simple

Cleaning is something that we all have to take care of. By putting it off, the house just gets messier and the task becomes more daunting and complicated. However, cleaning does not need to be difficult and arduous.

We have some simple tips to help you stay on top of your cleaning. When kept simple, cleaning your house can become less time-consuming and allow you to enjoy a clutter-free home.

Here are some simple household cleaning tips and tricks brought to you by London’s best cleaning service TidyChoice:

1. Storage – Have a place for everything

If you know anyone whose house always seems to be tidy, I’m pretty sure that they will tell you that storage is essential. Storage is important because it gives every item in your house its own little

  • Kitchen storage – Placing your tea, coffee, herbs and spices into lidded jars before placing them into cupboards will make it easier for you to know where each item belongs
  • Other storage – Adding modern looking shelves and bookcases is the perfect way to store items in your bedroom, living room or bathroom. This will reduce the appearance of clutter and add some interior flair to your home while doing so!

2. Clean as you go

It sounds simple because it is! Cleaning as you go is a step that will make cleaning a lot easier for you. This applies to all areas in the house – kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms… wherever you are! If you spill something, clean it up right away. If you’ve made a mess in your room while looking for an outfit – tidy up before you leave the house. If you’re in the kitchen cooking – wash up and wipe down as you go.

“I’ll do it later” and “I’ll do it when I get home” are phrases that we will no longer use because we are going to clean as we go!

3. Keep cleaning supplies close to where you use them

In your bathroom and kitchen cupboards store your basic cleaning products such as the following:

  • Bathroom – Microfibre cleaning cloths, toilet scrub, spray bottle containing multi-purpose cleaner
  • Kitchen – Surface cleanser spray, sponges, kitchen wipes, washing machine cleaner, oven cleaner

Keeping your cleaning supplies close to where you use them will make cleaning as you go super easy and a lot more convenient for you. The results from our recent survey showed that TidyChoice cleaners found kitchens and bathrooms the dirtiest between visits. Keeping cleaning supplies in these areas will help them to stay tidy between visits.

4. Create a weekly routine

For many of us, cleaning is not a simple task because we don’t remember to do it as often as we should. Then the mess piles up. Creating a weekly cleaning routine will prevent this from happening and if you continue to do it, you will find that over the weeks there will be less and less build-up of mess and household cleaning will become a quicker and simpler job.

In your weekly schedule, set specific days where you do bigger tasks such as hoovering and laundry to make sure that these tasks are always getting done. If you face difficulties remembering to make time for cleaning, a weekly schedule will certainly make life a lot easier for you.

5. Hire a cleaner

What would make household cleaning simple? A cleaner.

If you are someone who rarely has the time to do a deep clean of your house, hiring a cleaner might be for you. Research scientists at Indiana University found that people with clean houses are healthier than people with messy houses and according to Psychology Today there is a positive psychology behind organization.

If you are unable to clean and organise your house to the level you would want it to be, hiring a cleaner is the perfect way to keep your household cleaning simple as you will only be required to do a little bit of cleaning between their visits. This is guaranteed to contribute to making you feel healthier, happier and more productive.