An Introduction to Commercial Cleaning Services

In the world we all currently live in, the cleanliness of shared spaces is a major concern at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Keeping your office space or other public areas properly clean is essential, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. If you are looking for a company to help with a major cleaning project in the Sydney area, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Below, we will run through some of the things you should consider, and if you want to know more, simply go to Clean Group’s website for more information!

What are Commercial Cleaning Services?

“Commercial cleaning services” is a term that refers to companies who can be hired to clean commercial properties rather than simply domestic cleaning. There are many different types of commercial cleaning services on offer from most commercial cleaning companies, and different services will give different results and come in at different price brackets. An all-over deep clean of your entire warehouse will cost more than a simple carpet clean for a small office, for example!

The staff of commercial cleaning companies will be highly trained and dedicated; cleaning is a skill that can be learned and refined, and more experienced staff will be able to clean both more effectively and more efficiently. For smaller jobs, you might be sent a single expert cleaner, while larger jobs could involve much more manpower, with significantly more staff coming to provide the most efficient and effective commercial cleaning service possible.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Service

There are several different services offered by commercial cleaning companies, enabling you to keep every aspect of your business in perfect condition at all times, no matter the scale or area of your operations. These services include things such as business cleaning, office cleaning, strata cleaning, carpet cleaning, medical cleaning, gym cleaning, school cleaning, childcare cleaning, NDIS cleaning, warehouse cleaning, green cleaning, and virus decontamination.

All of these different cleaning services are available in a range of levels at different budget points, from efficient, basic cleaning services through to a full deep clean covering a wide range of additional features as well as the main cleaning plan. Different cleaning companies may offer different services, as the range of options is so wide, so you should consider options carefully before hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business.

Who Needs to Hire Commercial Cleaners?

Hiring a commercial cleaning service does not have to be a major outlay or a regular commitment, but there are certain situations in which you will really need to hire a high-quality commercial cleaning firm to come and clean your location on a regular basis. Particularly in the current global situation, keeping any space used by a large number of people clean is vital, so anyone responsible for managing a building used by several people should consider regularly engaging the services of commercial cleaners to help keep everything as clean as possible. That means office buildings, schools, gyms, or any other space used by people on a regular basis. It is perfectly reasonable to hire commercial cleaners for smaller jobs too, but it is the managers of larger buildings who should consider this option most seriously.

Office Cleaners

As workers start to return to the office, office cleaning is starting to become a relevant consideration for many people. Many offices are insufficiently cleaned, and buildups of dust or mold can lead to long-term health issues for those who have to work in the building. With so many people working and breathing in an office building for so many hours every day, it is essential that any office building is cleaned more thoroughly than pretty much any other type of building.

The best way to keep your office building safe for everyone inside is to engage the services of professional commercial cleaners or dedicated office cleaners on a regular basis to do a deep clean on the entire building. Most commercial cleaners offer a specialized office cleaning service, which is well worth taking advantage of.

How Much do Commercial Cleaners Cost?

The costs of commercial cleaning services can vary wildly, depending on the type of cleaning service needed and the size of the project. Deep cleaning an entire office will cost far more than a quick carpet cleaning service, and cleaning a warehouse will probably cost more than cleaning a small office! This means that there is no such thing as a standard figure for the costs of commercial cleaning services.

However, all you need to do to find out the costs of your specific project is to go to Clean Group’s website and request a free quote. This is the easiest way to get started on arranging commercial cleaning services for your business, and there is no upfront cost at this stage in the process.

Commercial Cleaning and Virus Disinfection

Virus disinfection is probably the aspect of commercial cleaning that is at the forefront of most clients’ minds at the moment, but there is no need to worry. A skilled professional commercial cleaning team is well equipped to fully disinfect your space, removing any traces of viral particles from all surfaces effectively and efficiently and leaving your office, warehouse, gym, or school entirely clean and safe from infection.


The world of commercial cleaning is not as complicated as it looks at first glance. With the support of an efficient, dedicated team of professional cleaners like Clean Group, you can keep your workplace sparklingly clean and safe at all times without having to spend hours and large sums of money to get anywhere with it. Go to Clean Group’s website to find all the information you could possibly need on the minutiae of commercial cleaning services, and do not forget: cleaning is a highly trained skill, and not every company will have staff of equal skill levels! When public health is a major concern, intensive, thorough, and efficient cleaning at an affordable price is an essential service, not a luxury!

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