New Year’s Inspiration. What’s the Best Women’s Watch?

The start of the New Year is an excellent time to take a look at upcoming trends. After all, women’s watches have long stopped being used for just keeping time. For years, they have been primarily considered as fashionable accessories to outfits. That’s why the article below will highlight some of the lesser-known watch brands that will become popular this season. Read on and find out about future bestsellers!

Timex Women’s Watch – Everyday Must-Have

The Timex brand traces its origins back to 1854. It was then that it was founded in the Naugatuck Valley in the United States. From the early 19th century, the region has been known as the “Switzerland of America”. The company has enjoyed many successes over the past 160 years, including the release of the Timex Mickey Mouse watch. It made history and became one of the most iconic watches. In addition, during World War II, Timex supplied soldiers of the United States Army with its watches. Although the company underwent transformation and the restructuring process in the 1970s and 1980s, the brand is now experiencing a renaissance. Timex women’s watches are designed for ladies who are looking for elegance for every day. Actually, this is how the brand’s products can be described, including men’s collections. Of course, apart from classic wristwatches with a timeless design, you can also find sports watches in a modern style. It is also certainly worth mentioning that Timex movements are designed in-house, which makes them very reliable.

Cluse Watch – Minimalist Accessory 

Cluse was founded in 2013 in the Netherlands. The brand is famous for simple yet stylish women’s watches, perfect for everyday wear. A wide range of colours and as an easy strap exchange system make those watches perfect for any occasion. Each collection released by Cluse has its own unique features. That’s why every lady is sure to find a watch that meets all her needs. The company uses only high-quality materials, including stainless steel, genuine leather and Japanese quartz movements, which provide accurate timekeeping.

Adriatica Watch – Feminine Accessory to any Outfit

Adriatica is a Swiss brand that is one of the few that can boast the Swiss made designation. In fact, since 2006 it has been a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), which gathers top watch manufacturers. However, Adriatica has been on the market for much longer as it was founded in 1852. And where does the name come from? The name originates from the Etruscan city of Atria (or Adria), which served as an inspiration for the brand’s founder. The company offers a wide range of wristwatches: classic, titanium, PVD-coated and even chronographs. Adriatica women’s watches stand for more than 170 years of tradition, innovative technology and elegant design.

Women’s Watch – on a Strap or a Bracelet? 

Finally, it is also worth considering whether to choose a watch on a strap or bracelet. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as it all depends on the occasion for which you are choosing a watch. Watches with a bracelet are perfect for both formal events and meetings with friends. In contrast, watches with a strap look much better with casual attire. Another important aspect is the circumference of the wrist. If you have a slim wrist, opt for watches with a strap because bracelets may look too bulky on your wrist. Watches with a strap are also perfect for a variety of looks. You can wear them with jeans and smart blazers. Note, however, that leather straps absorb sweat and odours, which makes them wear out much faster. It is also important to remember that they cannot be immersed in water. Thus, they are not suitable for those leading an active lifestyle. Women’s watches with a bracelet are definitely much more durable.