Four (4) Big Lies You Should Know About Big Eyes Before Purchasing

Four (4) Big Lies You Should Know About Big Eyes Before Purchasing

If you’re familiar with the crypto space, this shouldn’t be your first time seeing DYOR. The acronym is a crypto term that instructs you to “Do Your Own Research” before purchasing any crypto asset or adopting a project. DYOR is the basic rule of investing. It reveals more about a project beyond hype and rumors. If you’ve researched Big Eyes (BIG), you will likely have come across four lies painted as facts about the meme coin. This blog post unravels the truth to help you make an informed decision about the meme coin.

What Is a Big Eyes Coin (BIG)? 

It will be a surprise if this is your first time coming across Big Eyes (BIG) in the cryptoverse. The new cryptocurrency is among the most talked about in major Reddit crypto forums, Twitter, Telegram communities, and other cryptocurrency news spaces.

The new crypto project is one of the new generations of meme coins tipped to topple Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Big Eyes (BIG) has enjoyed massive hype and buzz in the past week, but this hasn’t come without some negative reception and conspiracies.

Below are conspiracies about Big Eyes (BIG) which we find untrue: 

Big Eyes (BIG) Is A Scam Project 

The basis of this assertion is due to the anonymity of Big Eyes (BIG) developers. Pessimists and overly cautious crypto enthusiasts believe this is a red flag and a cause for doubt.

However, Big Eyes (BIG) isn’t the first crypto project with anonymous developers. The developer of the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin (BTC), remains unknown.

Developers’ anonymity isn’t a strong factor in labeling a project scam. Big Eyes (BIG) has undergone security audits from trusted Blockchain security companies. It’s 100% certified to be safe and has the anti-rug certification. This indicates it is a safe project.

It Is Not A Good Long-Term Prospect 

Many cryptocurrencies in the meme space have failed to live beyond their market buzz at their initial stage, but Big Eyes (BIG) won’t be one. The community-focused crypto project has utility in strong crypto sectors while boasting a committed team of experienced developers and strong community support.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are top meme coins surviving beyond their buzz, and community support and constant integration of innovative features are factors responsible for it. Big Eyes (BIG) will be able to leverage this too, and its utility will attract more crypto enthusiasts.

Big Eyes Has No Uniqueness

This is another untrue review of the new cryptocurrency. In a space full of dogs, the meme coin stands out as a cute cat with benefits. Not only does its cat-theme approach sets it apart from 200+ other meme coins, but it also enables enthusiasts to access the opportunities in DeFi and NFTs space. It is one of the few meme coins that combines DeFi and NFT benefits while standing out as a cute cat.

It Is Profit-Oriented

The Big Eyes (BIG) has a tax-free shopping policy, which exempts users from paying any tax fees on transactions. Taxes are for developers’ profit, and giving it up indicates that the project isn’t about the profit.

Big Eyes (BIG) also has a wallet set aside for charity, and funds will be allocated towards ensuring optimum safety and protection of the ocean bodies. This is another non-profitable endeavor, nullifying the idea that Big Eyes (BIG) is profit-oriented.


Rumors and negative remarks about a buzzing project are normal in the crypto space. However, you should do your research to discern myths from facts. The new crypto project is in line to be the next cryptocurrency to blow.

It has raised $7+ million in presale, with expectations of hitting $10+ million before it closes its fifth presale stage. You should join the presale and prepare yourself for a potential profit when it finally launches on exchanges after the presale.