Cubo launches new platform to take on Zoom & Slack

Delaware US, November 15th 2022: Meet Cubo, the world’s first Interactive Online Personal OfficeCubo, the first online office for anyone, creates a visible office space, where users can interact with clients and co-workers.

Cubo, a Delaware-based Start-up, has launched an online office platform. Dubbed a digital office, Cubo aims to provide a unique online experience for remote workers. Given them a professional online presence. Cubo users create their online office space. Once they have completed their setup, a unique URL is created. They can share this with prospects, clients, and colleagues.

Visitors can instantly engage with the user’s office space, see their online status, and connect with them via Twitter and LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. The TapChat feature offers real-time, low-latency calls between individuals and groups. Users can see visitor data through the platform’s analytics feature. This enables them to see how many visitors they had had on any given day, their emails, and other on-page activities.

Cubo Co-Founder Jason C said. “At Cubo, we believe that remote work is the future of the modern office. However, we also recognize that working remotely can lead to a breakdown in communication, which can also affect collaboration.”

Cubo offers a remote-native tool to help bridge that gap in communication with clients and vendors.

There’s nothing to install, it all works through the browser. We think that this will change the way we work remotely in the future.”With a unique Cubo link, clients and prospects can book meetings, check the availability of their contact, instantly chat, share files, and hold meetings.

With Cubo, it really is one link to rule them all. A personal office that is perfect for sales teams, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

About Cubo

Cubo is a small and dedicated team of innovators that focuses solely on creating an all-in-one platform that will redefine how businesses and individuals work online. Cubo provides users with the experience of an authentic sense of connection with clients and prospects in real-time.

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