EU Antitrust complaint against Twitter through German company (Genekam Biotechnology AG)

Germany, December 1st 2022: Genekam biotechnology AG has filed a antitrust complaint against Twitter with European Community authorities a few days ago.

Last year Twitter has closed the account of Genekam Biotechnology AG without any prior warning. Genekam is specialized on innovative solutions for pandemic viruses. During last 15 years, it has developed many solutions as one of first in the world. 

Many times, international and local press have published about its innovative solutions and these are being discussed at Twitter through the users around the world. It is suspected that the reason why the account is closed as many investors are part of Twitter as well as many of biotech companies including Big biotech (also stock listed companies). These discussions about the innovative solutions for pandemic viruses create difficult situations for these companies as many Govt and scientists are reading them and they start putting questions. How a small company from Germany is developing oft better solutions without having any investment. 

The companies with huge investments are unable to develop good solutions. One of the examples is real time PCR kit for SARS CoV-2 FR475, which detects this coronavirus (Wuhan and mutated strains) in one step against multiplex assay (WHO, FDA, CE, CDC), which needs multiple steps to detect the SARS CoV-2 and prone to errors because of mutations. During past 3 years, these assays have to be modified to detect the mutations like delta and omicron versions as examples. 

Still these approved assays are showing many times false results leading to a situation that today the pandemic outbreak is still not under control. This is an example of huge wastage of money and a lot of pain to many human beings. Genekam FR475 developed on 21.02.20 (one of the first kit in the world) is the same kit as it targets highly conversative part of the virus. 

Twitter has not allowed Genekam Biotechnology AG to make advertisement for their solutions. Not only this, it was found that many times, Twitter showed tweets about the products for short time in time line against other tweets done on other accounts. These are examples of new methods to prevent the competition in biotech field. Social media companies are misusing their power in order to give better chance to

 other biotech companies, which have investors or on stock exchange markets.

Genekam Biotechnology AG is specialized on solutions for pandemic viruses like Influenza, Ebola, Lassa, Rift valley, Zika, Coronaviruses etc. It is developing therapies for these pandemic viruses. It is working stem cell solutions. It has developed an effective and very cost-effective molecule against coronaviruses. All of its development and production is done in  city Duisburg, Germany.