Angus Carnie’s Recovery Plan Helps People Overcome Illness and Attain Their Best Health

MANCHESTER, UK 19th December – Angus Carnie went through life-altering surgery and postoperative complications in 2017. Having made a full recovery, he has now created a free recovery plan to help others do the same.


Angus Carnie is now sharing his tried and tested recovery plan to help people overcome long-term illness and recover from major surgeries. In December 2017, Angus Carnie was due for a major surgery because of long-term illness that he had found no other solution for.


He underwent 12 hours of neurosurgery which left his entire body in a state of deep stress and extreme recovery was needed. Almost instantly he began to experience very serious postoperative complications that included brain seizures, sepsis and many other ways in which his body began to reject the extreme alterations created during surgery. Alas, he was put in a medically induced coma and transferred to critical care.


Angus Carnie said: “Having gone from intensive care to one-to-one nursing and then on a path towards full recovery, I was put in a state where I knew only I could get myself out of. With my extensive research and experience, I began to create a recovery plan that has helped me heal completely, and is now helping me live my life to the fullest. I want to share this recovery plan for free with anyone in the world because I believe it is every person’s right to enjoy their health at its best.”


Interested people can email Angus Carnie from his official website and request a free copy of the recovery plan. The plan gives people a starting point and helps them feel a little less lost or bewildered when it comes to health complications that nothing else has worked for.