The obesity death rate in the US is getting worse, hard to find an oversize casket

The obesity death rate in the US is getting worse, hard to find an oversize casket

America’s population is expanding not just in number but in size. The modernized society has growing concerns about the state of the United States with regard to obesity. Subsequently, there have been many repercussions of obesity that are already adversely affecting the health sector. But how exactly does the increasing number of obese individuals influence the death sector?

With their supersizing rate, funeral homes are struggling to meet the gaining demands of the public to attain a competitive upper hand. But, worry not about the difficulties in finding an oversized casket as many funeral homes or consumers have begun adapting to these changes and started planning their way forward.

Why Is It Hard To Find Oversized Caskets?  

Funeral directors all around would like to ensure that they can still offer an overweight client whose deceased the same professional and respectful treatment and services. However, to do this, various considerations must be addressed to guarantee that equitable care can be provided. 

Casket Sizes

The standard casket sizes does not usually accommodate an overweight person, so oversized caskets come into play here. Oversized caskets not only require a higher amount of materials but are usually custom-made as they are not considered the standard coffin size. This means they cost more, with $2,500 to pay for an oversized casket that will accommodate an individual between 800-1000 lbs. 

Graveyard Plots

Oversized caskets equal a larger graveyard plot; if needed, perhaps an enormous vault liner. Standard cemeteries offer 4/10 ft single plots, and usually, for more oversized caskets, there is a need to conjoin two single plots. Many complications arrive when people pre-purchase single plots but find that the size is not accommodating, leading to re-purchasing and re-selling plots.

Casket Transport

Heavier and oversized caskets need extra care when transporting; hence hearse production companies have offered larger back doors for their card owing to this purpose. Usually, funeral directors do not have suitable transport for such caskets, and so horses & carriages are employed to move these oversized caskets. 

Lifting Tools

Moving big things is quite a task. While the traditional approach was for caskets to be lifted via human resources, often this cannot be done for an oversized casket. Funeral homes have recently started more innovative ways of lifting, trolley tools, and winching to help in moving overweight corpses and oversized caskets. Moreover, the higher the weight of oversized caskets, the more employees these funeral homes will need to handle the related issues.

What is the cost of an Oversized Casket?

We have discussed that larger caskets mean larger plot holes and more lifting tools required; this means more money to be invested. As we have discussed how funeral homes and directors assist the overweight deceased, we subsequently come to the topic of the cost of one oversized casket. 

Oversized caskets prices usually depend on what material is used for manufacture. Material influences weight and this impacts expense. Typically, they cost anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000. However, there are more expensive rates for special customized ones, as well as more affordable ones if one is not picky over design or material.

Oversized Caskets & Their Various Types

When picking out a casket, whether standard size or oversized, you need to plan things out. These coffins come in various sizes and shapes, so you must prepare the most suitable materials.

1. Wooden oversized caskets

Wooden caskets are traditionally made using, wood veneer, or any type of solid hardwood. They’re biodegradable, so this would be a fantastic reminder that the body buried will be returned to the earth, depending on the various finishes available. 

This is the most affordable type of oversized casket owing to its ease of customization and natural resource availability. The trees that provide this type of casket are maple, pine, oak, walnut, poplar, and so on. 

2. Steel oversized caskets

The most common types of caskets, on the other hand, are those made of steel. Since they are very durable and comparatively less costly than most metals, this type of casket is widely used when making an oversized casket.

The thicker the steel, the more expensive and durable the casket will be. So pricing fluctuates according to the gauge steel as well as the thickness of the metal used.

3. Cremation oversized casket

Cremating deceased loved ones has become a growing trend among the population lately. If you are preparing for a cremation process, the most used type of casket is one made of wood and other natural materials.

They are different from wooden caskets as they go inside the crematorium with the body. They are made from materials that are affordable due to the temporary need for the procedure. 

4. Green oversized caskets

“Green” caskets do not refer to the color itself; however, it refers to the type of materials used for the casket that makes it eco-friendly and biodegradable. Green burials have become highly popular and take shape and form in various ways. 

The caskets are usually made from cardboard, bamboo, willow, cotton, or any other renewable/recyclable material. They are made of inexpensive and natural materials that are abundant and easy to find. Chemicals and veneers are off the table for this type of oversized casket.

5. DIY oversized caskets

Perhaps you don’t wish to purchase a casket but, instead, want to make one yourself. In that case, you can make oversized caskets for a loved one or yourself with the help of DIY kits found online. 

By creating one yourself and following your judgment, a lot of peace can be achieved through this construction process. There are many methods to make a personalized tribute such as this one.