Josh Garza, Strength Coach: The Story So Far

When Josh Garza originally moved to San Francisco in 2010, he did so with a simple purpose: he wanted to study classical guitar. But before too long, something within him changed. He realized that while he loved the guitar, it wasn’t his original passion – nor was it something that he wanted to singularly devote the rest of his life to. It was in that moment that he decides to shift gears, returning all his focus, attention, and dedication to his original love: being a strength coach.

In many ways, it was a path that he embarked on years before – he just hadn’t realized it yet.

When he was younger, he always loved playing many kinds of team and individual sports. During this period, he saw that only certain types of people seemed to truly be at ease in the weight room. Obviously, he was among them. As he began to develop himself, and as he learned more and more about the significant number of benefits that strength training brings with it, he knew that he not only wanted t coach effectively. He also wanted to create an environment where the people who didn’t necessarily feel comfortable in a gym had finally found a place they could call home.

Years later, he would start his own strength training gym dubbed SF Iron. His motto is as straightforward as it is effective: “Strength for All.”

Flash forward to today and SF Iron has helped well over 1,500 different people thrive in the gym environment. More than anything, he wants to give people a rock-solid foundation upon which to build from. Once they see what the gym can do for them – and how warm and embracing it can be – they can take that comfort into other areas of their lives as well.

Recently, he’s even expanded what he’ doing at SF Iron to include an online component. Despite the success he has found to this point, one thing has remained the same: Josh Garza wants to help as many people as he can and moving forward the Internet will be a big part of how he does it. Every day, he wakes up knowing that he will show people how to own their training, health, and fitness. He’ll shatter stereotypes about what types of people belong in a gym and which don’t. He’ll also teach people how to leverage something as seemingly simple as a barbell to its full potential.

The Power of Josh Garza Strength

In terms of the recently launched online component for his business, Josh Garza’s main service involves offering virtual sessions to clients. This allows people to get access to Garza’s expert insight, complete with personalized feedback, from their home gym or from anywhere else with an active Internet connection.

Here, Josh Garza gives people an overview of the various types of workouts they can complete with the equipment they have access to. He will observe them as they move, offering constructive feedback into what they can do to improve. He takes into consideration their form, their weight targets, and more – all so that someone can rest easy knowing exactly when they are ready to take things to the next level.

Truly,a these virtual lessons are the most involved – not to mention the most personalized – aspect of what he does at Josh Garza Strength. Each person’s training is customized around them as they improve at their own pace, creating a truly unique experience every time.

These 90-minute sessions are available individually or as part of a larger group. Appointments can be scheduled right through Josh Garza’s website. They are conducted over the Zoom teleconferencing app that is available for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and most mobile phones.

Every option that someone selects also gives them access to a dedicated training program called TrueCoach. It’s all intended to give someone weekly progress updates so that they can see how far they’ve come during their training. They also could email or text Josh Garza or one of his associates at any time. In addition to regular fitness, Josh Garza can also help people prepare for any upcoming competitions that they may have. Regardless, it’s a way for him to offer support as people go through a critical change in their life – getting healthy and strong – and because of that it couldn’t be more important.

Of course, these virtual sessions are great for people who already have a basic idea of what they’d like their own journey to develop as. They may have a target weight or other fitness goals and simply need the assistance of a trained professional. What if you’re getting back into the gym for the first time in years? What if you’ve never set foot in a gym in your life and have no idea where to begin or even how? For that, Josh Garza offers individual training programs that are again customized around a specific individual.

This process begins with an initial consultation with Josh Garza or one of his team members. It’s a chance to have a long conversation about someone’s training experience, their goals, their history, and more. Based on all that information, Josh Garza will then design a person’s individual program that plays directly to the strengths that make them unique.

In addition, people also get video form feedback so that they can again continue to improve at an appropriate pace. Program updates – along with any necessary adjustments based on new information – are handled on a weekly basis at check-ins. These packages again include unlimited text and email support as needed, along with competition preparation and support services. Everyone who signs up for one of these programs also gets access to Josh Garza’s private Discord channel so that they can continue to conveniently discuss things, share access to resources, get essential updates, and much more.

So truly, it doesn’t matter if you’re focused on strength training, on power lifting, on weightlifting, or something else entirely – Josh Garza can support you on your quest. Every service that he offers is centered on a single concept: building the most positive relationship possible between a person and the barbell.

Few could have predicted all that he would be able to accomplish when he originally moved to San Francisco in 2020 – chief among them being Josh Garza himself. But he began coaching in a professional capacity just a year later and hasn’t looked back. When you consider all that, he has been able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time, it’s truly exciting to think about what the future may have in store.