Thursday, February 29, 2024

How BI consulting companies can help your online business piloting your strategy

Businesses must adapt to an increasingly complex market and a customer with no longer the same uses. In this context, BI consulting companies can give the keys to managing every business strategy.

If business intelligence provides key indicators from data, it is all the more relevant for a business where data is at the heart of the methods. Targeting of the customer or prospect, database management, cost/investment calculation, prediction of the relevance of an action, ROI… That relates to data in the marketing profession and is crucial in the face of a rapidly changing market.

The rise of e-commerce and online sales, community management via social networks has caused the volume of data to be processed to explode. Positive point: this abundance of figures is an unprecedented raw material and full of opportunities for Marketing professionals – provided you have the right tools and IT Consulting firm to manage it.

Consumers have also changed: more connected, faster, and more demanding. They are both easier to reach because they are omnipresent on the Web but more complex to target. All these developments challenge marketing; therefore, it is more innovative than ever.

The need to optimize your campaigns and strategies

Within almost every company, the Marketing department is dependent on double pressure: on the one hand, to reach and retain the customer in its core target, and on the other hand, to guarantee the effectiveness of the campaigns that it launches the project.

It must feed on market data to make the best strategic choice and ensure a regular return on investment for management. All of the activities, choices made, and budget dedicated to a campaign must therefore be defended at all times.

In addition, marketing professionals are confronted with difficulties that are unfortunately classic in the company: managing to bring up the right data, ensuring their reliability, and making the link with the data of the ancillary departments (logistics, sales) by fighting against slide operating modes, transforming this data, making it readable and making it available in very short timeframes… So many obstacles that a BI consulting solution can solve.

Consulting solutions developed for decision-makers

BI consulting firms such as A-star consulting, for instance, allow marketing and analytics departments to transform data into keys to better understand customers and their purchasing behavior. They will be able to integrate crucial web data (rate of clicks, openings, impressions, conversion) and data external to the company and synchronize these figures with the company’s financial data to concretely measure the impact of a campaign. Just as a car’s dashboard makes driving safer, these BI consulting companies optimize driving by aligning the relevant KPIs side by side, which can be viewed and compared at a glance.

Finally, these KPIs resulting from the consolidation of information will also inform all teams and refocus efforts around the same results and objectives. The relationship to working methods is changed: the posture is more proactive, with the possibility of consulting the figures more regularly, evaluating the most revenue-generating activities, and of devoting less time to data manipulation to focus on strategy.