Back pain – How do I prevent it in everyday working life?

Back pain at work can severely disrupt everyday life. According to current statistics, one in three adults suffers from back pain and complaints closely related to it. No wonder that diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the back account for a large proportion of the days lost to work and even make up the most expensive widespread disease.

The following tips can successfully prevent back pain in the workplace.

5 easy-to-implement to-dos for a relaxed everyday life

Back pain is among the number one widespread disease. Fortunately, there are numerous very simple measures that can be taken to prevent pain. Here are 5 simple to-dos that can help:

*Keep your back fit and strong through regular exercise and sports.

*Dynamic sitting and changing your sitting position to take the strain off your back.

*Regular stretching to relieve tension and improve flexibility.

*Maintaining upright posture – including sitting, standing and walking.

Regularly practice helpful relaxation techniques such as meditation or progressive muscle relaxation to prevent back pain and tension. Using a standing desk as a desk can also relieve back strain.

The most common triggers for back pain in the workplace

Back pain in the workplace can be a major challenge and interfere with everyday life. A study by the European Spine Journal identified poor posture and prolonged sitting as the most common causes of back pain. In fact, adults spend an average of 11.5 hours a day sitting.

But it’s not just physical factors that can cause back pain. Psychological pressures, such as deadline pressure, stress, conflicts at work and anxiety, can also lead to tension and pain in the back. A vicious circle can develop in which psychological stress and physical tension influence each other.

To successfully combat back pain at work, it is important to consider both physical and psychological factors. The motto is to meet physical needs while avoiding stress and psychological strain.

Tips against back pain at work – For a healthy back in the office

The Federal Association of German Back Schools has published valuable recommendations for promoting a healthy back on Back Health Day. These include an active lifestyle, because body and mind need exercise to stay healthy. Stress reduction, avoiding continuous stress, as it increases muscle tension.

Balance between stress and recovery and avoid continuous stress, which tenses muscles, is also included. Relaxation for back pain and stay loose, back pain can also originate in the head. An ergonomic work environment, helps to promote movement and avoid incorrect loads.

Regular healthy exercise not only helps the back, but also the psyche to find joy in movement and strengthen the body. Staying mindful and relaxed, as body and mind interact closely, is equally advisable for a relaxed back.

If these valuable tips are integrated into everyday life and work, back pain can be successfully prevented. A healthy back is the result.

One measure for all – a holistic approach for optimum back protection

It is not always easy to find a measure that is helpful for everyone. A one-size-fits-all approach can quickly reach its limits here. To meet the different needs and demands, it is important to take a holistic approach.

Certified prevention classes that focus on sustainable back strengthening or spinal strengthening provide a comprehensive solution that covers the following:

* Functional exercises and total body training.

* Training of body awareness

* Movements in everyday life

* Ergonomics in the workplace

* Behavior modification

* Stress management

* Relaxation methods

With a holistic approach like this, anyone plagued by back pain can be sure that all aspects of back protection have been considered and a healthy back will form in the long run.