Customer’s tattoo of Inokim OXO E-Scooters celebrated by INOKIM

 INOKIM, a leading provider of high-quality electric scooters, is thrilled to announce that one of its customers has gotten a tattoo of the Inokim OXO scooter on his arm.

The customer, Pablo, first purchased the Inokim OXO scooter from INOKIM in 2019. Since then, he has used the scooter every day for his daily commute and has become deeply attached to it.

“I love my Inokim OXO scooter so much that I decided to get a tattoo of it on my arm,” said Pablo. “It has been a reliable and fun way to get around, and it’s become a part of my daily life.”

INOKIM is proud to have such a loyal customer and is delighted to see the positive impact that the Inokim OXO scooter has had on his life. The company is committed to providing high-quality, reliable electric scooters that customers can trust.

“As the founder and chairman of Inokim, it brings me great joy to see our customers’ enthusiasm for our products,” said Kfir Benshooshan. “Our goal has always been to provide innovative and reliable transportation solutions, and we are honored to see our customers become so attached to their Inokim scooters.”

About Inokim:

Inokim is a leading provider of electric scooters that are designed for urban commuters and people on the go. The company’s mission is to make transportation more sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone. Inokim scooters are known for their high-quality components, innovative design, and excellent performance.

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