What to Look for in Residential Cleaning Services

The average American spends about six hours a week cleaning. That’s a far cry from the 32 hours a week women in the 1960s spent on household chores. The shorter time spent on cleaning now-a-days is largely because most people are so busy in their lives that they don’t have enough time to clean. Many can only spare a few hours towards cleaning. This is why many households hire residential cleaning services.

A professional residential cleaning company will ensure your home is clean and sanitized. They can help prevent allergies and other health problems from happening. Hiring a cleaning company to help you will also provide more time for yourself and your family. Ever since the pandemic there are many more cleaning companies doing business that you won’t have trouble finding one. But make sure that the company you’re hiring is the right one. Here’s what you should look for:

Positive Reputation and Brand Image

The company’s reputation is critical to every business owner. They want a business that’s known for doing a great job and can provide exceptional service. To help increase the chances of finding a quality cleaning company, ask for referrals from your family or friends. There is a high percentage chance that they will know of one. Be aware that reviews can also come from multiple sources on the web as well so be sure to check all platforms like Yelp, Google, and other social media platforms before making a decision as to which cleaning company you’ll go with.

The cleaning company’s brand image is also important. It’s a reflection of their values and work ethic. Look for a company with a professional-looking website and good customer service.

Type of Services Offered

A company that can do small repairs and other home improvement services is your best choice. It will make it easier to meet all your cleaning requirements. For example, you might need a company that offers deep cleaning. You might also need disinfection services. Discuss what you need with the cleaning company and see if they provide the service that you need.

Staff Experience and Training

You should also check the kind of cleaning technicians they have working for them. Choose someone who has experience in residential cleaning. Look for a company that trains their employees on a regular basis and requires their team to be licensed or certified. They should also know the best cleaning practices when cleaning a home and use the latest tools and cleaning technology.

When choosing a residential cleaning company it’s in your best interest to ask a lot of questions about the screening process the company undertakes when hiring a new employee. Do they require background checks? Are they under contract or an independent cleaner? You will want the people who will be cleaning your home to be trustworthy and professional.