Quaint Luxury Living Room Ideas for the Bold

As Americans, we really love our home renovations. And that’s not just conjecture; year to year, Americans increase their spending on everything from wall paint to brick fireplaces.

It’s easy to understand why this is. In our suburban, car-centric society, we rely on our homes to be the best they can be for ourselves and visitors. That’s why every American home can benefit from the right luxury living room ideas–especially those that fit into a decor budget.

In this guide, we discuss how you can make your interior design reflect a luxury lifestyle. Here are five tips to create a quaint, yet bold appearance for luxury homes.

1. Luxury Living Room Ideas: It’s All about Lighting

Lighting is one of the top components–if not THE top component–for organizing and displaying a space. It’s safe to say that if you don’t get the lighting right, you can make a good space look terrible.

For starters, find the right lighting for your space. If you’re going for something more rustic, then consider incandescent or yellow lights. If the intention is to go modern, then a luxurious space benefits from bright white LEDs.

Consider a place that already has you covered. Choose Marbella luxury villas for rooms where the lighting is just right.

2. Include Luxury Furniture

It’s easy for the average homeowner to head to IKEA and fill the space with cheap furniture. Yet this furniture only lasts a few months before it begins to yellow and go threadbare.

Purchase quality, luxury furniture with real wood and natural fibers. Even if it’s used, it will last longer–and look better–than anything from the budget section.

3. Don’t Forget the Art

No luxury homes are complete without art pieces that fit the design aesthetic–and the space. Spacious rooms benefit from wall-spanning canvases, while smaller, wallpapered rooms look good with portraits and small paintings.

4. Keep Everything Symmetrical

Symmetry is a tried and tested decoration maxim. If you do something on one side, there needs to be a reflection of that thing on the other. Make sure your spaces are consistent from one end to the other.

Symmetry doesn’t always mean creating mirror images of opposite ends of a room. This includes having consistent furniture, bookshelves, and any other decor features that you include.

5. Spend Extra Time on the Color Palette

Colors can incite emotions, inviting calm, agitation, and much more. It’s important from the outset to choose a color scheme and stick with it.

Learn about how complementary colors can mesh together–or clash. Choose a color scheme that fits the ambiance as well as the furniture pieces and wall decorations. Otherwise, you may have a lengthy repainting job ahead of you.

Build Your Luxurious Space Today

The right luxury living room ideas can transform an unremarkable space into one that no one will ever forget. It’s not just about careful selection of the right luxury furniture pieces. It includes getting the lighting right and settling on colors that contribute to the overall feeling you want to achieve.