Ways to Take Care of the Ecology of the World Right Now

The statistics of pollution on our planet increase every year. It is enough to type in the search engine “the situation with the ecology on the planet”, as it already becomes sad from the conditions in which not only we live, but also our smaller brothers. 

That is why it is so important now to take care of the environment for each of us! Yes, our ecology is going through hard times right now, but don’t get upset, you should just start acting now. Well, to be more active and positive, you can have fun at a casino big bass bonanza.

A Little Bit About Statistics

  • Every year, 8 million tons of plastic garbage enter the World’s Ocean;
  • 9% of plastic is recycled, 12% is destroyed, and the remaining 79% accumulates in the environment around us. 

Everything becomes less sad when we realize that we can help our ecology and take care of it.

How? That’s what I’ll tell you in this article.

How Can We Influence the State of Nature

Give Up Plastic

It seems to me that this is the most popular and effective way to help nature right now.

It is enough to purchase reusable items and not forget about their existence. 

They can be:

  • own thermocouple with which you can come to the coffee shop and take coffee to take away without using disposable cups;
  • a string bag or a bag, where it is most convenient to put food, so as not to collect a bunch of packages;
  • wood products: toothbrushes, combs, kitchen appliances, and even dishes.

Saving Electricity

“What is the connection here?” — you will think. And the connection here is quite obvious! Nuclear power plants cause enormous harm to the environment. Especially radiation in case of an accident. This is one of the most dangerous factors for the environment and human life. Therefore, take care of electricity. It’s easier than simple — to change incandescent lamps to energy-saving ones, turn off the lights in the room when you leave them, and turn off all appliances at night — computers, laptops, and monitors.

Plant “Your” Tree in the Park

Deforestation is the process of turning land on which forests grow into land without trees. This is done mainly for the sale of timber and the transfer of land for other purposes. The destruction of forests is a huge problem for all inhabitants of the planet because it leads to a lack of oxygen, and, as a result, the liquefaction of the earth’s atmosphere. If each of us plants at least one tree a year, the situation will change for the better very quickly.

To Work by Bike

This way you will not only save your budget but also make a small contribution to improving the air quality in the city. After all, the CO2 emitted by cars while driving also spoils the atmosphere around the Earth. There is a kind of greenhouse effect that contributes to the melting of glaciers. Global warming, in turn, will lead to cardinal climate disturbances on the planet and, possibly, the disappearance of some species of creatures, including humans.

Buy Expensive Things

At first, it will seem to you that this is strange advice, but let’s figure it out. The chain here is simple. The more expensive the item, the better it is. The higher the quality, the longer this thing will be worn and the later you will get a new one. Accordingly, manufacturers will produce goods less often. This means that factory emissions will be less likely to enter the atmosphere. Demand generates supply. Of course, this system will work if everyone works together in this direction.

Share With Others

Quite often, you can see quite suitable things in a landfill. But if you don’t need something, it may be useful to someone else. Share! Offer clothes, household appliances, or furniture to those in need or give them to boarding schools and nursing homes. As a last resort, write an ad and wait for someone who will need your “useless junk”.

Periodic Cleaning in Parks

Weekends can be spent in different ways: on the sofa in front of the TV or on a walk in the fresh air. In the first case, you will be told “thank you” only for your calories, in the second — you will bring a huge benefit to the environment if you bring a bag and a pair of gloves with you. After all, it’s not difficult at all to collect candy wrappers and broken glass in the park. In addition, you will set a great example for your children and everyone around you. And to put things in order together much faster.

Sorting and Recycling of Garbage

Sorting and recycling of garbage is an important stage on the way to improving the environment. It’s not difficult to put plastic to plastic, glass to glass, and food waste to food. It resembles a children’s game “sorter”, doesn’t it? But the benefits of this “game” will be huge. Sorted raw materials do not end up in a landfill but for processing. Thus, both the ecology and the economy of the country are improving, because public funds are saved on the production of recyclable goods.