Upcoming Changes In NYC Do Not Favor Small Businesses

Small business that are in large cities have always faced an uphill struggle. You’re competing with the largest corporations in the world and many times you are fighting it out on the street. Consumers are reluctant to try smaller brands and give small businesses a chance to prove themselves because many who work in large cities are used to going with the larger corporations. On the other hand you also have a slew of traffic each and every single day so you do have a higher chance of catching something. Consumers can be slowly won over but you can speed that process up by simply creating high quality products. This however costs money as any product that isn’t properly invested in will fall short of the mark. But it’s always the small things that get in the way. Waste cost management being the piranha that just isn’t satisfied being one of them.

News from NYC

Small businesses have always used other small businesses to help them grow. The prices are competitive, you don’t get robbed in broad daylight and you have more control over what you do. In New York City many small businesses like delis, independent clothing stores, fruit and vegetable grocers and manufacturing plants are going to face higher prices for their waste services. A new plan seems to involve sectioning areas of the city and handing out contracts to waste management companies so only one company is collecting in one area. This means larger waste companies are likely to get the contracts from the local government. Inevitably if you one have one choice and that company can afford to lose your business, you’re kind of stuck in a pay up or shut up scenario. This plan has just been leaked and is already facing small business backlash. The lack of competition means big business wins automatically, crushing the small business in it’s wake.

Do it yourself

Yet again this is another reminder of why small businesses truly need to become more and more independent. Relying on outsourcing too much can be detrimental to your business because when that drip fails, you are left high and dry. Consider buying equipment that will help you manage your own waste such as baler machines which can compress hundreds of pounds of cardboard boxes and also foam. Packaging and parcel materials are abundant in small businesses because you are doing much of these things yourself. Thus this kind of machine can make giant cubes of your waste, ready to be transported to recycling plants. Of course, you walk away with a pretty penny for your business to such plants too. Implementing your own systems of less waste throughout the business has never been a more prudent idea.

New York used to be a place for small businesses to fairly compete with the larger businesses. But lately with the current attitude toward business and local governance, it seems like there’s one more thing that is keeping small businesses from being competitive. As ever the little guy will adapt and come back stronger but it must start with making changes to how you manage your own problems.

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