Unconventional and Exciting Career Paths Through Finance

You want to do more than crunch the same numbers day-in and day-out — but you still want the stability, prestige and high earning potential that comes with a career in finance. Fortunately, there are more than a few great jobs for you to choose from. Whether you already have finance-related degrees and credentials or you are trying to plan your career before you obtain your education and licenses, the following positions in the finance field offer more excitement than the average finance role, so you can feel eager to get to work in the morning.

Environmental Accountant

With greater awareness about the importance of preserving natural environments has come an increase in the number and diversity of careers dedicated to sustainability. Environmental accountants, who are also often called green accountants, are dedicated to resource management as it pertains to environmental impact. For example, an environmental accountant might advise their employer or client regarding the sustainability of certain decisions and how different sustainable alternatives might affect their bottom line. Usually, environmental accountants find work with large corporations that tend to have significant environmental concerns as well as non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Entertainment Accountant

Accountants that work in the entertainment industry go by a variety of names, from showbiz accountants to production accountants, but most provide services identical to accountants in other industries. Entertainment accountants can manage the finances of a film or television project or oversee the finances of a professional within the entertainment industry, like an actor, producer or director. It is not uncommon for entertainment accountants to travel with their clients or productions, which means they get the chance to move around more often than the average accountant. If you are a fan of the entertainment industry, this could be a dream career for you.

Economic Analyst for the CIA

Too often, finance professionals believe they are stuck searching for jobs in the corporate sector, but plenty of government agencies need support from experienced financial analysts. Perhaps one of the more exciting government jobs is an economic analyst position with the CIA. The CIA needs finance professionals to help track technical micro- and macroeconomic issues, especially in countries and regions of concern to U.S. national security. You are more likely to secure a position like this one if you have a strong background in international finance or business, and an online master’s degree in finance can also put you ahead of your competition.

Forensic Accountant for the FBI

The FBI is another government agency that frequently makes use of finance professionals. While there is a wide variety of finance roles in the FBI, arguably the most interesting is that of the forensic accountant, who conducts financial investigations to identify criminal activity. Forensic accountants typically work with other types of investigators, focusing on criminal organizations, terrorist groups or spy rings. Forensic accountants can find work outside the FBI, as well, working for state and local law enforcement agencies, though there is something particularly exciting about a job at the FBI.

Military Finance Officer

The U.S. Military has hundreds of billions of dollars of budget granted every fiscal year, and it needs qualified financial experts to help it allocate those funds appropriately to keep the country safe. Finance officers are often tasked with budgeting in different military departments, forecasting economic activity and managing contracts with different military vendors. Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of committing to a military career is that the U.S. Military may help pay your education costs or cover some of your student loans while guaranteeing employment with outstanding perks, like healthcare coverage and a pension.

You can work in finance and have a thrilling job that you love. The key to feeling passionate about your work is to find a field in which you excel and connect with an employer who engages and empowers you. If you already know that you love finance, you are halfway to building the exciting career of your dreams. Whether you end up in Hollywood or in the CIA, you deserve to feel inspired and enthusiastic about your job.