Custom Furniture: Why A Modern Carpenter Is The Best Choice

CAroenter designing custom cabinets

In an era of haste where people live a robotic life, having a personal touch in the living or working space can bring an aesthetic appeal and peace of mind. It wouldn’t be false to say that custom furniture is more expensive. But modern carpenters of Bern from Um&Bau have made them more appealing than ever with their advanced technology and precision. 

Modern carpenters in Bern have combined innovative techniques and craftsmanship to create exquisite furniture that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With their rich woodworking tradition, they are known for adding a unique flavor to one’s space with meticulous details.

And the fusion of modern technology with their traditional woodworking has enhanced their carpentry even more. For instance, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology has increased precision and customization to a great extent. This technology is also utilized by Um&Bau, which provides the best services of modern carpentry and interior designing in the bern. They employ this technology to create intricate patterns on furniture or cut precise joinery in kitchen or terrace furniture.

Furniture shows our preferences and personality.  If you want a piece of custom furniture that perfectly suits your needs and aesthetics, then getting help from the expertise of a modern carpenter is the best choice you can have. Read further to know why!

  • Personalization And Collaboration 

With custom furniture, you can have anything, whether it be a specific wood finish, unique hardware, or a particular upholstery fabric; a modern carpenter can have it done. Furthermore, in custom furniture, you can collaborate with the carpenter to bring your ideas to life. You can even make changes along the way until the furniture is perfectly aligned with your taste.

  • Furniture Tailored To Your Space

Opting for premade furniture can be a disaster if it does not fit your space well. Also, the off-the-shelf furniture does not have added functionality to it. One of the primary advantages of having custom furniture is that you can have it tailored to your space. And if you have a small space, adding functionality to your furniture can save you lots of trouble. Therefore, only with the help of a modern carpenter can you have perfectly fitted furniture and add different functionality to it as well.

  • Distinctive Designs

If you are fed up with the typical designs of readymade furniture and want to give your space a personal touch, then hiring a modern carpenter is your best bet. Only these craftsmen can give life to a unique design according to your preferences. They can even add unique functionality to the furniture, whether it’s a dining table, coffee table, bookshelf, cupboard, sofa, or bed. With their help, you can have custom furniture that will reflect your personality and style.

  • Made With Skilled Hands And Modern Technology 

Modern carpenters of Bern have a long history with woodworking, and combined with modern technology, quality is evident in every nook of their design. And they know that they create a masterpiece and thus take great pride in it. Therefore, when you hire a modern carpenter, you invest in furniture made by skilled hands. In these custom furniture, quality is never compromised, unlike the mass-produced furniture.

The use of premium quality materials and attention to every detail make sure that the custom furniture is built to last. They not only look exquisite but also withstand the test of time.

  1. Eco-Friendly Practices

By opting for custom furniture, you can not only have furniture with a unique design but also you can try to use eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, modern carpenters are more likely to use these materials responsibly. Overall, you can help in reducing the waste by using non-toxic materials.

  1. Supporting Local Craftsmen

If you are in Bern and want to have custom furniture, then not only are you going to enjoy the perks of traditional woodworking, but also you will be supporting local artisans. This way, you can support the local economy and help sustain traditional woodworking. While investing in your economy, you can have exceptionally handcrafted pieces of furniture.


Modern carpentry in Bern, Switzerland, lets you enjoy the unique blend of innovation with tradition. If you want to enjoy furniture that is both beautiful and functional to design your kitchen or terrace spaces, then opting for a modern carpenter is the best choice.