4 Important Things To Consider Before Hiring A Crane Service

4 Important Things To Consider Before Hiring A Crane Service

Working with crane rental services often makes more sense than buying your crane when you need heavy lifting for construction projects. This holds particularly true for one-time construction projects like lifting a new air-conditioning unit to the top of a building.

Crane rental services gives you access to a wide range of cranes with unique functions and purposes. Not only do you get access to cranes, but if required, you will also get the help of skilled operators to guide these machines for the project.

However, these advantages will only be available if you work with the right construction equipment rental company. Cranes are complicated machines to operate and work with. It would be dangerous if the operator is not skilled in working with a crane and has no prior experience.

So, in this article, we will discuss four factors you must consider before working with a construction equipment rental company.

4 Essential Factors That Must Be Considered Before Working With Crane Hiring Companies

Experience and Capability of the Company

While the power, size, and crane capacity are essential when picking the right crane, the background of the rental service is also an important factor to consider. Make a list of all the local crane rental services that have been in the market for a long term and have a credible reputation among clients. Furthermore, consider the experience and skill of all company personnel you might need to operate the crane.

Ask for a comprehensive list of the number and types of cranes the company offers its clients. Research more about the brands and machine capabilities before making a long-time commitment. Make sure that the cranes you select meet your needs and requirements completely.

Also, talk to its old clients and get an honest review before working with the company. The larger the number of industries the crane rental company has worked with, the more experience they will have working on challenging jobs. Ask if the company is adaptable to the various changes that can come with a construction project. Flexibility and adaptability show the company’s long association with the industry.

Find out what industries the company has served so far. The more sectors a company has worked with, the more experience they have working on challenging projects. Ask about their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, such as extreme weather and other variables.

Insurance and License of The Cranes for Rental

Once you prepare the list of crane rental services, remember to check if the paperwork for machines is in order. To eliminate any legal hassles, ensure that the crane you choose has all the certifications and licenses required to operate on a construction site. This paperwork is mandatory for the company renting the cranes and hiring them for construction projects.

So before finalising the hire, ask for all the relevant documentation and bona fides. If the company is green, they will have no qualms about showing the right paperwork to the client. Apart from the license, ensure their insurance is updated with a high-value premium to cover all bases. It is ultimately the responsibility of the crane rental company to bear the costs of accidents and injuries that occur due to machine failure. In the absence of proper insurance, all the liability and costs will fall on you to bear.

Range of Crane Fleet and Their Capabilities

The next big question that you must ask is whether the company has the machines you require for your construction project. This comes down to the number of cranes they have in the fleet and the capacity of each. These two factors will ultimately decide whether they can handle the job.

Many kinds of cranes are available in the market, each serving a different purpose. So, hiring an unsuitable crane to do a job it was not designed to do is futile. It would result in machine damage and serious injuries to the workers on the job site and the crane operator.

Customer Service

Lastly, there is no replacement for optimum customer service. Good customer service indicates the company’s professionalism and eagerness to treat the client right. This quality is valued among consumers who rely heavily on after-hire services to complete the construction job.

To gauge their customer service, pay attention to how they speak to you over the phone or during physical visits to the office and worksite. Suppose the construction equipment rental company treats you with respect, care, and attention. In that case, you can collaborate with them on a project.

In Conclusion

Working with a construction equipment rental company might be another box to tick off the list. However, the wrong choice can make or break the entire project. The cranes you hire are essential for the success of the construction job. So, do your research carefully and review each detail discussed in this article before signing the contract.