How the rising popularity of smart phones has revolutionised in online gaming industry

What was once a technological innovation exclusive to the wealthy has now become a permanent fixture in the lives of almost everyone. These pocket-sized computers have revolutionised life as we know it. The result of the increasing popularity and availability of smartphones has benefited many industries and communities, particularly online casinos.

Since smartphones became so popular, what was once a hobby that could only be done at a desk has now become something you can do anywhere. Rather than being stuck at a desk, players can now play their favourite games on the go. This includes the online gambling community. Gone are the days when online blackjack at Paddy Power could only be played on a desktop computer. Now, they can be played anywhere on smartphones and other devices.

Many online casinos have evolved to be supported for smartphone use. Popular games, such as blackjack been developed using mobile-friendly software and new games are constantly being developed specifically for smartphone users. Online casinos are also embracing mobile payments, such as Apple pay to ensure a smooth customer experience when gaming on mobile.

There are many statistics which support how the rising popularity of smartphones can transform the target demographic of industries, such as online casinos. Their customer base has exploded with the integration of smartphones into everyday life. Exploding Topics reported that 60% of internet traffic is from mobile devices.

Not only has the rising popularity of smartphones increased the customer base for online casinos, but it has also undoubtedly, because of the portability of such a device, permitted players to partake in their favourite games more often. Before the widespread use of smartphones, online casino usage would have been confined to periods in which the user had an excess of free time. Now games can be played on the commute to work, waiting for a bus, during lunch breaks or even whilst on holiday.