The Perks of Dating a Gamer


Throughout the history of mainstream media, there has always been a skewed, never-ending comparison between the so-called jocks and the nerdy geeks. This jarring dichotomy has consistently pitted jocks as the smoldering, alpha bad boys who always get the girl whilst the nerdy geeks are always the ‘nice guy’ and at the receiving end of constant rejection from every girl. This overplayed stereotype not only superficially categorizes guys based on their likes and hobbies but has also painted and perpetuated an unhealthy image of masculinity based on simplistic outward portrayals — but it’s time to change this one-dimensional narrative of the human condition. Here are a few reasons why you might be better off with the ‘geeky nerd’ as opposed to the ‘dreamboat jock’.

  • Intelligence is Attractive

There’s plenty of research providing evidence that gaming helps train certain regions in the brain. It doesn’t take a genius to see that gaming is a mentally-stimulating activity, often requiring a lot of mental focus, dexterity, and determination. From a spectator’s perspective, a gameplay session might even appear cinematic because of how expertly gamers carry out a game. This can be accrued to the gamer tapping on relevant portions of the brain involving spatial orientation, memory retainment, muscle memory, strategizing and lastly, motor capabilities. Thus, you best be sure that gamers are admittedly one of the more mentally superior ones among the male species.

  • Great Dexterity

As mentioned above, whether they’re on PC or console, gamers inadvertently develop impressive finger control and dexterity through all those hours spent gaming away. Needless to say, this might translate to other advantages in real life outside of gaming. And if you are looking to pamper your gamer lover, check out to gift him something that will enhance his gaming experience.

  • Passion and Interests are a Good Combination

Given their prolonged exposure to a lot of stimulating visuals and epic storylines, it’s unsurprising that gamers are some of the most creative and imaginative individuals out there. Realists might call it being out-of-touch with reality but sometimes, you need a little bit of whimsical youthfulness to get through the ups and downs in life. You can be assured that gamers can always find a way to make things exciting, fun with a touch of silliness to really top it off. Through their imagination, the world becomes their oyster for their own personal entertainment.

  • Low Maintenance

Now, this point might seem slightly contradictory to the previous paragraph of gamers having the capacity to be adventurous and exciting. While this may be true, at its core, gamers are gamers after all. And where does gaming often take place? Well, none other than from the comfort of their homes. Well situated within the confines of their four walls, they’re easily satisfied with a simple night in of movies, cuddles, and takeaway food. In the long run, this works out to both your benefits because striking a balance between spontaneous and chill dates is very important, in my opinion. 

  • Fix-It Felix

You’ll never have to worry about calling professionals to resolve your technical issues ever again. Given the nature of their hobbies, chances are, gamers are well-informed and equipped with the relevant knowledge and jargon to fix the most common technical faults. If your system ever needs a simple maintenance check; or you can’t distinguish between a graphics processor and a graphics card or don’t know which cable to plug in, your gamer would be your guardian angel. 

  • Considerate Boys

Following the common thread of uncovering the hidden strengths of gamers, allow us to continue this thread by showing how thoughtful and considerate gamers can really be? Roses, stuffed toys, and boxes of chocolates are too orthodox, predictable and boring. As gamers have firsthand experience on what they’re truly passionate about, likewise, they would channel this into being equally as attentive to your needs and wants in more practical ways. Unless you’re a hopeless romantic, this might be a breath of fresh air — and who said chivalry is dead?

  • Face the Armageddon Together

If the world is ever coming to an end, you and your gamer beau are pretty much prepared for a zombie apocalypse, mass extinction, or nuclear warfare. The world of gaming has more than prepared them for such scenarios through all sorts of survival-horror or action-FPS games. They’ll already be well-informed on the best ways to survive a horde of incoming (both fast and slow) zombies as well as the essentials for a bunker to live out the rest of your days in a post-apocalyptic world. There won’t be any dying on his watch. 

  • Perseverance is Key

To the average joe, gaming might appear easy and frivolous but honestly, haters only hate things they don’t understand. There are so many formats and genres of gaming such that, it’s impossible to excel in all of them. In fact, if you actually take the time to understand the mechanics and skills required to fully master a game, you’d realize the diligence and patience needed to hone one’s expertise. Indeed, credit should be given where it is due because people often underestimate gamers simply because they haven’t tried it out themselves. Professional gaming requires intelligence, wit, and strategic thinking to circumvent problems when the solution isn’t straightforward. It’s not always as easy as pushing a button.

  • Sweet Independence

Independence is not something that you’ll have to teach gamers. They already recognize and appreciate the value of quality alone time, having spent endless hours tucked away in their gaming havens for hours on end. However, this doesn’t suggest that they’re all recluses. In fact, many games involve multiplayer functions, either competitively or cooperatively. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about over-possessiveness or jealousy when you need your own personal, independent time away from your gamer partner. He or she will be more than happy to oblige.

  • Gamers Are the Heroes We Didn’t Know We Needed

Almost every game out there subscribes to the stereotypical narrative of good guys vs. bad guys. It’s a simple yet effective formula that has been in place for years. Whether it’s explicitly shown or intricately woven into the storyline, it’s always prevalent in some form or another. Hence, you can trust gamers to understand the dynamics between heroes and villains, and subconsciously apply this mentality into real life. Let’s just hope that they won’t end up being on the dark side.


If you’re still unconvinced about the pros of dating a gamer, that’s your prerogative and perfectly fine. We just hope that through this listicle, we’re able to shed some light on the benefits of gamers instead of perpetuating all the bad rep that they’ve unfairly received over the years. Gamers are equally deserving of love as your typical bad boys/jocks, just that their value might not be initially seen at face-value. If you can give them a chance, gamers can truly prove to be a diamond in the rough.