Charlie Unveils Innovative Charcoal Oven for Enhanced Outdoor Dining

Charlie‘s latest creation, the Outdoor Charcoal Oven, is set to revolutionise the art of outdoor dining, merging the functionality of a charcoal barbecue, pizza oven, smoker, and grill into a singular, versatile unit.

Traditionally utilised by culinary experts for its capacity to impart a rich, smoky taste and attain exceptionally high cooking temperatures, this upright charcoal oven model is now making its way into home gardens.

The oven promises to elevate the culinary quality of a wide range of dishes, including seafood, vegetables, ribs, brisket, roasts, fish, fruits, pizzas, and even homemade sourdough, enhancing their flavour profiles significantly.

Richard Turner, a distinguished chef, butcher, restaurateur, and the brain behind Meatopia UK, shared his experience: “Working with Charlie Oven is a pleasure. Having worked on other Spanish charcoal ovens for years, the Charlie makes much more sense to me, both for direct and indirect cooking.”

Labelled as “the chef maker” by its creators, the Charlie oven is designed to assist everyday cooks in achieving restaurant-calibre dishes effortlessly.

The allure of the Charlie oven lies in its straightforward, user-friendly design, negating the need for complicated culinary skills and capable of preparing a vast quantity of food simultaneously.

Tara Quick from the Cheeky Charlie Oven Company remarked, “This all-new product turns the traditional concept of barbecuing on its head.”

Tara addresses the typical pitfalls of outdoor cooking, noting that while the concept of barbecuing is widely cherished, the execution and final results often fall short of expectations. The Charlie Oven emerges as a solution to these dilemmas, offering an innovative, upright outdoor charcoal oven that makes premium outdoor cooking convenient, sustainable, and stylish throughout the year.

Charlie’s unique ability to maintain a consistent temperature ranging from 100°C to 400°C for extended durations sets it apart, making it ideal for a broad spectrum of cooking styles. Its chimney-inspired design facilitates easy temperature control through simple vent adjustments, simplifying the cooking process.

With its vertical configuration featuring nine cooking levels, the oven enables cooking with direct heat near the charcoal for perfect steaks, as well as indirect heat higher up for delicious chargrilled vegetables.

Tara further elucidates, “This new design format makes outdoor cooking as easy as pie. No need to be a BBQ expert. No special techniques. It works just like an indoor oven, in that you cook with the door shut. No prodding, no flipping, no half burnt, half raw sausages or a face-full of smoke. Simply pop the food in, shut the door and leave the charcoal to work its magic, giving you more time to spend with family and friends. It’s designed for “hands-off” cooking.”

The Charlie Oven is also celebrated for its ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements. The process of lighting the oven is straightforward and once lit, the oven reaches the desired temperature in approximately 20 minutes, with an ash drawer for simple cleaning and stainless steel racks that are easy to maintain.

Highlighting the oven’s sustainability, Tara notes that Charlie’s efficient design and fuel usage set it apart from traditional barbecue grills, offering a more environmentally friendly cooking option.

The introduction of the Charlie Kitchen Island complements the oven, providing a multifunctional outdoor kitchen space that enhances the overall outdoor cooking and entertainment experience.

Tara concludes, “When combined with the Charlie Oven, the Charlie Kitchen Island creates a brilliant outdoor cooking and entertaining experience: alfresco gatherings just the way you always imagined them.”

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