Safeguarding Investments with A Crusade Against Whisky Scams

Felipe Schrieberg, a revered whisky journalist and Keeper of the Quaich, together with Mark Littler, a distinguished whisky intermediary and advisor, have established This digital resource stands as a guardian of transparent and accurate information for enthusiasts keen on investing in a Scotch whisky cask, with an emphasis on mitigating the risks associated with fraudulent activities. In recent times, the Scotch whisky sector has raised alarms over the spike in the number of cask investment companies enticing individuals with the prospect of financial gains through the purchase and resale of Scotch whisky casks. A troubling aspect is that some firms have been involved in promulgating exaggerated returns, providing misleading information to potential investors, or in worse scenarios, engaging in outright scams, leading to significant financial losses for investors. Prompted by these alarming developments and the observable void in reliable guidance for the secure acquisition, ownership, and sale of whisky casks in a market lacking regulation, Felipe Schrieberg and Mark Littler have introduced Their mission is to disseminate knowledge on the secure procurement and management of Scotch whisky casks, thereby reducing the likelihood of fraudulent incidents. The website underscores and builds upon the commendable guidance issued by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) concerning investments in whisky casks, representing the bulk of Scotch whisky producers (It should be noted that is not officially linked to the SWA). Tailored for clarity and user-friendliness for either prospective or current cask proprietors, offers a concise guide to the legalities involved in the Scotch whisky cask market, identifies potential warning signals from investment firms, and shares narratives of past investment scams within the sector. Schrieberg draws parallels between current promises of substantial profits from Scotch whisky casks and historical instances of deceit, remarking: “Every few decades, there have been waves of new companies, many of them incompetent at best or perpetrating fraud at worst, promising fast and profitable returns on the purchase of Scotch whisky casks using aggressive sales tactics. We’re seeing more than a few such firms today using similar techniques to generate enthusiasm and sales as fraudsters from over 20, 50, and even 100 years ago. We think it’s important to fight the misleading claims that have been going around in order to protect the integrity of the Scotch whisky industry.” Littler emphasizes the inherent risks associated with cask investments and the paramount importance of genuine cask ownership: “Investing in whisky casks is inherently risky as it is an unregulated and volatile market. When it comes to cask investment, one of the fundamental issues we’ve come across is ensuring an investor actually owns their cask rather than having rights to a cask through a third party. This is something that the SWA itself affirms in its own advice on the matter. We hope can help others successfully navigate this precarious landscape or decide they’re better off investing in something safer.”