Oyster IMS Appointed as LOCS:23 Accredited Consultancy for Enhanced GDPR Support in Legal Services

Oyster IMS is honoured to be recognized as a Qualified Consultancy for the deployment of the LOCS:23 standard, evidencing its specialized acumen in data protection legislation.

Endorsed by the ICO, the Legal Services Operational Privacy Certification Scheme (LOCS:23) serves as the premier certification scheme for legal service providers to validate their UK GDPR compliance.

The acquisition of LOCS:23 certification offers numerous benefits to law firms and chambers, including protection from ICO fines, an enhanced competitive position for securing new business, a decrease in data breaches and their related costs, confirmation of compliance with a globally recognized standard, and a streamlined procurement process.

Oyster IMS is delighted to confirm that two of its team members have qualified as Approved Implementors, equipped to assist clients in achieving LOCS:23 certification for their legal entities.

Being among the few consultancies approved for LOCS:23, Oyster IMS’s accreditation highlights its in-depth expertise and commitment to the highest data protection and privacy standards. Josef Elliott, Managing Director at Oyster IMS, reflected on this accolade, “We are thrilled to have secured this important accreditation. This is a testament to our expertise, the quality of our services, and our team’s commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients. It is wonderful to be leading the charge with this certification which will become an important credential for all UK law firms.”

Tim Hyman, Scheme Owner of LOCS:23, added, “We are keen to maintain the integrity of the LOCS standard and it’s very encouraging to have Oyster IMS on board as qualified consultants. As the world’s first Supervisory Authority approved GDPR certification for legal services, LOCS:23 will be the official benchmark to measure and ensure GDPR compliance. I have known Josef and the team for many years and they have the expertise, experience, and capabilities to support their clients through certification and beyond.”