Cloud Canaries Integrates Snowflake for Enhanced Cloud Intelligence Capabilities

Cloud Canaries Integrates Snowflake for Enhanced Cloud Intelligence Capabilities

Cloud Canaries, at the forefront of cloud intelligence innovation, has unveiled its integration with the esteemed cloud data platform, Snowflake. This development enriches the Aviary Platform, allowing Cloud Canaries’ clientele to seamlessly archive essential workload data within Snowflake and leverage Snowflake Cortex for advanced forecasting. This feature empowers teams to conduct in-depth analyses and proactively avert detrimental occurrences.

The realm of cloud intelligence is rapidly advancing beyond conventional cloud monitoring and observability methods, facilitating swifter and more accurate decision-making processes. By simulating workloads and scrutinising the behaviour of systems, applications, and networks, Cloud Canaries excel in pinpointing anomalies and potential risks. This capability is crucial for businesses aiming to swiftly identify, disclose, and rectify critical incidents, encompassing hardware malfunctions, software glitches, vulnerabilities, shifts in brand loyalty, and hurdles within supply chains or distribution networks.

Through the fusion of cloud workload data and AI-driven insights, automated canaries are adept at investigating, pinpointing, mitigating, and forestalling such incidents, either directly through the platform or via integrated external solutions. The Aviary Platform serves as the central command centre for managing Cloud Canaries and their associated AI models.

The integration with Snowflake enhances the Aviary Platform, offering unimpeded access to data for machine learning endeavours and analysis, all the while bolstering data security and accessibility. The latest iteration incorporates forecasting capabilities courtesy of Snowflake Cortex, with the synergy between Cortex forecasts and the Aviary Platform’s comprehensive suite of alarms and notifications enriching the platform’s health, compliance, and forecast dashboards.

Mark Callahan, the visionary CEO and Founder of Cloud Canaries, stated, “The addition of Snowflake support advances our cloud intelligence platform by merging AI and data from diverse cloud workloads to enable predictive incident management. We now offer a better approach for teams to monitor and address performance and customer experience issues than traditional monitoring and observability platforms—and at a fraction of the cost.”