Portable Air Conditioning Units Recommended by Haverland for UK Summers

Spain’s leading electric air conditioning company, Haverland, has shared guidance on choosing the right air conditioner for each household, in response to the increasing demand for air conditioning in the UK.

The rise in temperatures caused by climate change has led to a notable increase in demand for air conditioning over the past two summers. During the summer heatwave of 2022, internet searches for air conditioning spiked by 2,420% week-on-week in cities like Salisbury.

Haverland, renowned in Spain for electric air conditioning, offers advice on selecting the best portable air conditioner to meet consumer needs, emphasising the advantages of portable units over other types of ventilation systems.

Beatriz Márquez, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager for Spain and the UK at Haverland, commented: “Portable air conditioning does not require installation and can be moved from room to room. It is useful for rooms that generate more heat, such as the kitchen or an office and is ideal for spaces that do not exceed 40 m2 or do not need constant cooling because it is ideal for spaces that do not exceed 40 m2 or do not need constant cooling.

“Portable air conditioning is especially recommended in regions where it is hot only a few times a year such as in the UK, because when the heatwave passes it can be easily stored.”

Haverland highlights that, irrespective of the air conditioning system chosen, it is essential to consider several factors.

Beatriz Márquez further stated: “Frigories measure the cooling capacity of a unit and are the most important factor in calculating how much power is needed to cool a room. Factors such as the size and orientation of the room, insulation, the outside climate or even the people who will be in the room affect its calculation. A good approximation to simplify the calculation is about 100 – 140 frigories per square metre.

“An energy efficient air conditioner is essential to prevent your electricity bill from increasing. A quiet appliance is also necessary, especially if it is going to be on for a long time or will be in rooms that are more sensitive to noise, such as the bedroom or workplace. The quieter the model, the better.

“Air conditioning filters trap and retain particles in the air, so they need to be well maintained, cleaned or replaced regularly. It is important that filters are easy to remove, clean and replace.”

For more details on Haverland’s portable air conditioners, visit haverland.co.uk.