Le Grá Premium Irish Lager Brings the Essence of Ireland to Every Sip

Discover the magical essence of Ireland encapsulated in every bottle of Le Grá, the new premium lager that epitomises the true spirit and charm of the Emerald Isle like never before.

Launching officially on May 9th in Dublin, Le Grá (“with love” in Irish) offers enthusiasts the first chance to experience a unique golden brew. Infused with genuine shamrocks, it promises a dash of ancient Irish luck. The beer’s emblematic four-leaf clover logo symbolises the enduring Irish virtues of faith, hope, love, and luck.

Sean Casey, founder of Le Grá Beer Ltd, explained the vision behind the beverage: “With Le Grá, we wanted to bottle the warmth, camaraderie, and unbreakable spirit that flows through the Emerald Isle,” highlighting the commitment to using 100% Irish ingredients and traditional brewing methods.

Le Grá boasts a rich, smooth flavour profile with hints of subtle fruitiness and a refreshing crisp finish, reflecting the rich brewing heritage of Dublin. This authentic lager not only delights the palate but also celebrates Irish culture’s core values.

Echoing the global presence of Irish pubs, Le Grá provides a slice of Ireland that friends can enjoy worldwide.

The grand unveiling of Le Grá will occur on the evening of May 9th at The Morgan Hotel in Dublin’s famed Temple Bar area. The event will feature live Irish music and entertainment, offering attendees a first taste of the beer’s luck.

Casey invites enthusiasts to the launch, stating, “On May 9th, we invite the world to join us in raising the first glass of this enchanting new Irish lager,” and adds, “Let the spirit of Ireland flow as we toast to where ancient tradition meets the art of modern brewing. The luck of Le Grá awaits!”

Le Grá Premium Irish Lager will be available throughout Ireland from May 10th and is set to hit UK shelves in Summer 2024.