Heroines of Earth: The Untold Story of Solomon Isarebe and the Women Who Saved the Planet

Heroines of Earth: The Untold Story of Solomon Isarebe and the Women Who Saved the Planet

From 9 to 5 is a novel that delves into genius, abuse, love, murder, and the survival of planet Earth. On February 1, 2118, the United Nations declared Earth Recovery Day, the moment when the planet began to cool. The primary catalyst? A drastic reduction in the world’s population from 9 billion to 5 billion.

One man foresaw the potential of population change to reverse global warming, as early as the 2040s. For decades, he persuaded governments worldwide that low fertility rates could achieve planetary salvation without hindering economic growth.

This is the story of that man, Solomon Isarebe, written 100 years after the publication of his most famous work, Future Perfect (2050). It examines his prophecies, where they came true and where they were wrong and the remarkable influence he had on world events. It also looks at his turbulent, tragic and compelling life story in the context of the cultural revolutions, political power shifts and global wars of the late 21st century.

This meticulously researched and illustrated book shows us there is scope for optimism regarding the survival of the planet and all because of the decisions ordinary women and men around the world will make about family size.


The absorbing fictional life story of Solomon Isarebe, the visionary who foresaw the route to our climatic redemption through population control.

‘From 9 to 5’ explores his predictions and how they compared to the reality of the tumultuous decades from 2050 to 2150.

Anne Wyeth is the fictional author of the book, and she looks back from 2150 to the changes the world has gone through over the preceding 100 years, describing the impact of a decline in the global population from 9 billion to 5 billion and the cultural revolutions, economic changes, political shifts and global wars that ensued. She compares the reality to the predictions Isarebe made in 2050 in his seminal work, Future Perfect, the best-selling book of the 21st century. Anne Wyeth also paints an evocative portrait of Isarebe, a man whose personal tragedies are in stark contrast with his unparalleled global achievements. It is a tale of towering ego and genius, love and loss, triumph and disaster, but ultimately, the survival and resilience of both Earth and humanity.

Will Isarebe’s vision of a future of economic plenty, a cooling climate and a rewilding of planet Earth come true, or will political forces persuade women to have larger families, so threatening Isarebe’s roadmap to climatic salvation?

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