o2 Academy2 Islington to Showcase Rhythmic Disorder Music Event

o2 Academy2 Islington to Showcase Rhythmic Disorder Music Event

ANXY, the renowned music industry figure and entrepreneur, is set to host another unforgettable event at the prestigious o2 Academy2 Islington.

The highly anticipated event is scheduled for 26th July, promising an evening of exceptional musical talent and entertainment.

Joining ANXY at this exclusive event are Sandi and Sandra from the popular Gogglebox TV show, along with Bekka Whitney from the acclaimed Acapella music group. Additionally, the event will feature London’s “beat genius,” showcasing a line-up that includes some of the finest artists in their respective fields.

Hosted at the o2 Academy2 Islington, guests can expect a night of electrifying performances, top-tier talent, and a celebration of music.

ANXY said: “I am delighted to be back at o2 Academy2 Islington and am very excited about the line-up we have been able to put together.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to witness some of the industry’s finest artists in action in what is set to be a night to remember.”

Join ANXY, Sandi, Sandra, Bekkah Whitney, and London’s “beat genius” at the o2 Academy2 Islington on 26th July.

Tickets are available to purchase via Ticketmaster.