Rental Rage in the Millennial Age

20% of people in the UK struggle to pay their rent payments on time – whether that’s because it eats up the majority of their paycheck, or it’s because they’re struggling to balance their finances so are always in arrears. The increasing rent prices around the country are still very much a problem for some.

Research shows that it’s the millennial generation aged 25 – 34 that are struggling the most, with 27% of them admitting difficulties paying their rent. With a third of millennials predicted to rent into retirement, it’s not difficult to see why they are getting nowhere in raising their deposit and getting on the housing ladder. For many, renting throughout the majority of adult life is to become the norm as the housing market becomes more and more out of reach.

The UK’s first landlord insurance comparison site, Protect Your Bricks, compares the whole market for landlords to provide them with a complete range of products for their needs, helping them to decide which level of cover is best for them, all free of charge. With many tenants straining to meet rent payments, it’s more essential than ever that landlords are covered in the event of late payments and difficulties.

To celebrate famous tenants of our time, both financially challenged and financially able, Protect Your Bricks have an awesome new quiz that reveals your TV tenant twin.  Whatever your tenant tendencies, there’s one of 70 quintessential great TV tenants of our time that shares your spending habits, your cleaning skills (or lack of), and your go-to music choices. Are you always missing your rent payments like Penny from The Big Bang Theory, or do you not even notice it leaving your account like Sex &The City’s Mr Big? The City’s Mr Big? There’s only way to find out… click here!

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