Why Foreign Students Should Improve Their English in Manchester

While studying English in your home country is often beneficial, it’s usually better to get it directly from the source. Learning from native speakers is almost always going to be an improvement over a local person speaking a foreign language and teaching other people to do so.

In this article, we will examine how a foreign student can benefit from learning English in Manchester and what the city has to offer as a host city for students.

Full Immersion

When learning strictly in a classroom environment, students lack the exposure to daily life and regular use of the language. There is a considerable difference between the language learned in the classroom and what’s spoken in the street. The use of slang, abbreviations, idioms, and local vernacular differs considerably from a textbook in this regard.

Only by living in an English city like Manchester can you accelerate your learning. This is because students go way behind the classroom setting in their everyday lives as a student staying in the city. When they interact with local people, go shopping, deal with banks and numerous everyday activities, they get to try out their English language skills. They also can listen to other people speaking and this helps them to get comfortable with using English to communicate.

Dedicated Language Schools with Courses for Students

While a language school in your home country might have one or two courses mostly taught by local people, with the occasional English teacher from a foreign country, it lacks the depth and breadth of what’s available in the UK.

Teachers here are fluent with English. They’re able to teach a variety of courses like Basic English, a preparation course to pass the IELTS exam, Cambridge certifications, or lessons on conversational English to improve competence and effectiveness.

There are some great language schools in Manchester, with Communicate School a good example of a comprehensive educational establishment that offers a variety of English language courses in the daytime, evening and weekends for their students.

Get Help with Pronunciation and Accent Management

Depending on your home country, you’ll have noticed that you have difficulties with the same kind of words and sounds. Due to your home tongue and how you pronounce the words in that language, making the adjustment to speak English brings different challenges compared to a student from a different country.

Working to correct pronunciation along with modifying your accent so it sounds more like a native speaker is a worthy goal. Living locally makes a huge difference. Hearing the accents and how people speak makes it easier to make the adjustments to sound the same way.

Studying in Manchester

Manchester is a thoroughly modern city in the north of England. It’s very cosmopolitan and well-developed. For students that haven’t spent any time in the UK before, it’s a city filled with history, culture, and friendly people. Learning English in Manchester is probably the best choice in the UK.

While it offers many of the same shopping experiences as London, it isn’t as expensive for students to stay there compared to down south. There’re so many different activities to undertake in the city that students get plenty of exposure to local people and can test out their English to improve their speaking in a public setting.

Taking the plunge to study abroad isn’t an easy decision. It’s a leap of faith to spend time abroad to improve your English by going directly to the source. Unlike learning at home and from CDs and Hollywood films, immersion in the language and culture is highly effective to get up to speed sooner. It’s also an excellent way to round out your language skills by modifying your accent and resolving any hiccups with phrasing too.