3 Benefits of Salt-Based Nicotine Vaping

Nicotine vaping lets users add layers of enjoyment to their vaping experience. Through different flavors of e-juice and varying concentrations of the nicotine itself, you can get more vape, stronger flavor, and a better hit. Now you can add nicotine salts to that mix for even more benefits.

Nicotine salts are a mix of nicotine and Benzoic Acid, a non-toxic chemical that has its roots in a plant-based origin. The benzoic acid lets the nicotine be absorbed just like your e-juices would.

So why should you try salt-based nicotine vaping? Here are 3 benefits unique to this combination.

3 Reasons to Use Salt-Based Nicotine Vaping

  1. There is more nicotine in them. Cigarette smokers trying to switch to e-cigs often have a hard time because they can’t get enough nicotine in their vape without it affecting their throat hit. But with nicotine salts, the vape juices can contain more nicotine because it breaks it down more smoothly.

Pure nicotine, or freebase, e-juices are frequently said to take over and cover the vape juice’s flavor. With nicotine salts, the flavor stays strong. You don’t have to add the extra nicotine into your juice to get that effect, either, so your wallet will thank you.

  1. Your hit will be smoother. Pure nicotine limits the amount of e-juice that you can hit without experiencing side effects. The higher the nicotine content, the harsher the throat hit you’re going to get. But the addition of nicotine salts lets the nicotine be inhaled easier, making the hit smoother.

When you need more nicotine, a salt-based vape might be exactly what your body is craving. And while nicotine isn’t completely benign, turning to nicotine products instead of cigarettes eliminates a huge percentage of the health risks you’d have if you were using tobacco smoke.

  1. The nicotine will absorb into your blood faster. Pure nicotine does not absorb into your bloodstream quickly. So for those looking for that fast hit, they have to use more, exposing themselves to the harsh throat hit, the overpowering flavor, and the possibility that they still won’t feel the effects fast enough.

Reputable products with salt-based nicotine, like those found at direct e liquid, absorb into the bloodstream much quicker. When you are trying to switch from cigarettes to vaping, this factor can make the difference between successfully leaving the traditional cigarettes behind and turning back to your old, unhealthy habits.

Instead of cigarette smoking, if you want that fast absorption into your bloodstream, try a salt-based vape. You will get a result that is much the same as you would have with traditional tobacco cigarettes, but now you can add flavor and fun to your hit.

Try it to See if Salt-Based Nicotine is Right for You

Like all forms of vaping, not every style or flavor works for every person and there are so many choices at Vape resources. But if you are looking for a smoother hit, quicker effects, and more nicotine, it’s a good bet that salt-based nicotine e-vapes would be exactly the answer to your search.







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