Why Your Online Presence Is Crucial

When you are starting a new business, you can get waylaid by focusing on your finances such as your initial funding, your cash flow and your sales projections. While these are vital facets to your business, you also need to consider your online presence. You could have secured a professional loan and you may have the finest product or service to come onto the market in years, but if no one knows about it then who cares? Your business will fail through a lack of marketing and promotion. Instead, you need to be proactive and focus heavily on your online presence. Read on to discover how you can target the millennial communication method of choice.

Social Media

If you haven’t got a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for your startup, then it’s crucial that you sign up now. The millennials of today use these channels for their news source, a way of communicating with their pals and to shop and research items and services. Your rivals will already have well honed social media channels that aim to seduce their potential customer base with a lifestyle. You need to consider what it is that your competition are not fulfilling for their customers and make your social media feeds address this. Use your Instagram account to show off your wares in action. Think about opening up Facebook to reviews. And ensure that your Twitter feed responds to queries promptly and in a chatty tone. Social media presents everything in a public sphere so ensure that every move you make is customer friendly.


Your website is the window to your brand. Make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and attractive to your customers. However, more importantly, make sure that it is locatable. A digital SEO agency will use their search engine optimisation expertise to utilise keywords and excellent content to ensure that your website appears higher up in the Google rankings surpassing your rivals. These firms will sit with you and address your goals, designing a digital marketing strategy to help you achieve more hits to your website, expand your global reach or increase your followers on social media.

Ensure that your website looks professional and check content for grammar and spelling issues. Ensure your visitors can get to your shop page within two clicks and limit downtime by choosing reputable web hosting services.


Get your brand out there by getting your website linked to other industry leading blogs. Being a guest blogger or having someone to write an impartial review of your product or service leading to it being posted on a blog with thousands of readers can increase your profile immeasurably. Couple this with your own blog and you could create a bigger and more effective online presence.

While your funding is important, so is your online presence. Don’t overlook this to ensure that your startup is successful.

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