7 Continents and 7 Reasons to Visit Them

Having watched the conclusion of ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’, you might have come away with a sense that you’ve missed out. Most of us have been on trips to Europe, or perhaps North America, but fewer of us have visited Africa, Asia, and Antarctica – and still fewer have been to all of them!

If you’re thinking of diversifying your travel plans, then you’re sure to find inspiration on all seven continents.


You might wonder what the appeal of travelling to this frozen wilderness could be – but if you’re not, then you might be the very sort of person for whom an Antarctic break is made. You’ll be able to witness some of the most amazing, unspoilt landscapes anywhere in the world, and see some wildlife in the process, too!


Asia is the largest continent, and covers the greatest diversity of human culture, as well as natural treasure. It’s also completely different than Europe and the States, which is great for westerners looking to broaden their horizons – whether in a remote rice-growing village in rural China, or on the packed streets of Delhi.


The best reason to visit Africa is, of course, the Serengeti, where you’ll be able to see some of the biggest land creatures on a safari holiday, and help contribute to preservation efforts. North of the Sahara, there’s also a great deal of history to explore in Egypt and Morocco.

South America

South America is best when you’re away from the big cities. A hike along the Andes, to Machu Picchu in Peru, is probably the star tourist attraction on the entire continent – though we should also spare a mention for Chile’s Patagonia region, where you’ll find enormous glaciers and mountainous escarpments.

North America

If you’re considering a trip to North America, then you might already have in mind a few key destinations in the states, like the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone Park, or New York City. But why not take a trip south of the border, and sample some of the authentic tacos being sold by Mexica taquerias?


Since it’s local, most of us have visited large chunks of mainland Europe. But equally, large portions of it go neglected. If you’re looking for an activity holiday, then a trip to the Alps in summer is difficult to beat, while if you’ve always planned to take that trip through Italian wine country, it’s time to stop putting it off! Take a look at romecolosseumtickets.tours and book your ideal Colosseum tour right away.


Australia and New Zealand are great for western tourists, thanks to their history. They provide a totally novel geography and wildlife, but the language, food and culture are broadly familiar. Take a trip to the gold coast, and out to the great barrier reef.

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