Travel in Comfort and Style – Get a Charter Bus

Whether you’re planning a winter vacation for the holidays, a summer trip to the beach (or lake), or an off-season company outing, one of the main problems is figuring out how to get there — especially if you’re thinking of going on a road trip. Driving a car is a great option if you’re travelling solo or with a small group and only at a distance you’re comfortable with. This season, why not take a trip and experience the various advantages of travelling via charter bus?

Below are a few reasons why hiring rental bus services can benefit you and your family, friends, and/or coworkers:

Large groups are not a problem

Coach buses have space — lots of it. Rental bus companies have a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate various group sizes and can safely fit from 20 up to 60 people (and their baggage) in one bus. While you can drive in a convoy with your group, it can be challenging to find vehicles and/or willing drivers who are up to the task. Additionally, depending on the number of people and vehicles, you and your travelling companions may have to squeeze in like sardines in a can.

Keep the entire group together and give everyone the chance to bond while enjoying the comforts of a spacious ride.

It’s an environmentally friendly transport option

Driving in a convoy can be taxing on the environment. Each vehicle will be burning through copious amounts of gas and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Charter bus travel, on the other hand, can help lessen your carbon footprint and the environment. A full coach bus can eliminate as many as 50 vehicles from the road, making it one of the greenest transports to date.

Experience maximum comfort

As mentioned earlier, driving your own car may give you limited space, which means you may have to contend with being squeezed in with your companions and luggage. Riding a motorcoach will give you ample space to stretch your legs and move around. Some bus agencies have units with various amenities, which may include:

  • A lavatory (so you don’t need to wait for the next stop)
  • Electric outlets (for charging devices)
  • Handheld gaming devices
  • Wireless Internet connection (so that you can search the web or work en route)
  • DVD players (if you want to share your favourite movies or TV shows)

All you have to do is to kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Stay safe

With fewer accidents and injuries than any other medium of transport, a charter bus rental fresno is considered one of the safest ways to travel. Charter bus drivers are well-trained and experienced professionals who can get you to your destination safely. You’ll be there and back again without having to worry about your safety.

Save on travel costs

While hiring a bus may seem expensive on the offset, it is more cost effective than other forms of travel. The cost of the rental, when divided among those sharing the ride, will allow you and your companions to save on money for your fare and/or gas.

If we’ve convinced you of the benefits of travelling via charter, the next step is finding a company that suits you. Not to worry — you have a variety of options available. There is a wide range of companies offering charter bus rental in Mississauga, Toronto, and throughout Ontario and Canada. A few Canadian companies like even provide options for touring North America.

However, after you’ve selected the agency you like, you may have one problem left — planning how to maximize the fun on your trip!