Revealed: The best and worst European countries to drive in

The team at Dayinsure combined multiple data sets including road fatalities per 100,000 people, quality of the roads, vehicles per 1,000 people, maximum speed, road length and cost of petrol to determine the best European countries to drive in. Excluding a small number for which full data was unavailable.

Iceland has ranked as the worst country to drive in in Europe, due to it having the most vehicles per 1,000 people, indicating busy roads and the second-highest petrol costs. It also finished in the middle of the table for factors such as safety and quality of road.
On the other hand, Germany ranked first as the best European country to drive in. Its Autobahn allowed it to top the highest maximum speed category, but it also finished in the top 10 for safety and quality road and the top 5 for road length.

The United Kingdom placed 16th, coming out just above halfway in the ranking of 37 countries. While the UK is the 4th safest country to drive in regarding estimated road fatalities, it fell short in categories such as average petrol cost and the number of vehicles per 1,000 people.

Dayinsure’s team had this to say: “Road trips in Europe are always an attractive prospect but finding out exactly which countries are the best to drive in can be hard as there are so many contributing factors to consider. Our latest research worked to uncover which country comes out on top when considering a wide range of information helping drivers across the continent to make informed decisions about where to enjoy their next road trip.”
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