At NOVATTIONE.COM, they are helping every citizen and organisations across in the UK and across the Globe with essential supplies during this Coronavirus Emergency. These supplies will give everyone a greater chance of survival and safety against COVID-19.

They have an unlimited supply of great products from surgical masks and other high-level face masks, amazing anti-virus and anti-bacteria devices, toiletries, Hi-tech medical thermometers, medical gloves and more. These products have ran out of stores and pharmacies and their technology is exclusively only in their store.

At, they think that Isolation on its own will live some people suffering and dying at home like the Black Death! Their gear and medical devices enables everyone to be protected at home, work and anywhere else they go. They are saying if their Hi-tech thermometers were to be used everyone will have the ability to know who needs to go for testing at the hospitals, instead of cancelling venues and work. People can go about their lives protected with their gear making everyone safer and daily life much easier than just panicking and staying at home or simply washing hands. Their products will also help businesses and economies to grow instead of just being closed in a panic, which is costing the UK jobs and losing the economy Billions a week.

CEO of Ashyleigh, thinks that everyone can go about their daily lives safely they just need to be protected instead of this panic. He offers everyone his medical devices and protective gear. He also humbly asks for donations, grants and all financial support possible so that he can give the disabled and those that are homeless his items for free.

NOVATTIONE.COM, they are helping to save so many lives!

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