Social Distancing Software Accelerates Return To Work..!!

CronJ technologies are top providers for social distancing software with a smart perception of AI solutions. Today CronJ technologies announced the augmentation to support social distancing solutions instructed by medical experts maintaining social distance is the most impactful strategy to halt the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Our developers have built social distancing software powered with AI solutions that will support business organizations and public entities around the globe in retiring to work while keeping their employees and workers safe.

AI-powered social distancing software enables us to accurately track and analyze the flow of the crowd in real-time. Airports, metro stations, public venues, retail shops, industrial factories, and warehoused commercial and government building are such locations which need well-bred social distancing solutions.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing directives, CronJ is working which accurately measures the location of and distance between people, as well as the number of people in a given location to prevent overcrowding. When the distance between individuals is less than the allowed social distance, or the number of people in an area exceeds a given limit, an alert is issued and personnel may be dispatched. CronJ has also combined social distancing software with technology such as thermal cameras, the platform identifies individuals with high-body temperatures, helping curb the spread of the virus. Our social distancing software also exactly counts people entering and exiting communal areas, such as conference rooms, to control the desired density of people. 


  • CronJ technologies’ social distancing software helps to tracks people flows and measures the distance between individuals to ensure safe social distancing precautions.
  • The integration with thermal screening analytics to identify and trace people with high body temperatures. 
  • PPE (personal protection equipment) solution is being rolled out detecting people who are without face masks and gloves in retail stores, airports, factories, distribution centers, and public transportation. 


The following platform needs social distancing software as a critical tool to enforce social distancing after lockdown -:


  • Private & Government organizations – Monitor the maximum number of people in common areas, conference rooms, and canteen to avoid contact maintain social distancing.
  • Shipping centers – Guarantee goods delivery while protecting the safety of employees.


  • Factories, Industries – Restart production by ensuring all employees are not exhibiting signs of the virus before entering facilities, including conducting employee temperature checks.


  • Railway, Metro stations – Avoid long-queues by replacing turnstiles with contact-less solutions that can certainly keep count of the number of people entering and exiting a station.


  • Buses – Ensure safety on public transit during high-traffic commute hours by tracking and reporting maximum people to count.


  • Retail, airports – Reduce wait-time in security lines and automatically dispatch cleaning services to specific areas.



CronJ is working closely with AI technology to deploy social distancing software to instill confidence for business organizations and so that the common public in returning to their lives outside with safety measures. We have developed social distancing software integrate with thermal screening and PPE detection. By is providing actionable insights across major industries including, mapping, security, smart cities, and smart spaces, industrial automation, and transportation, CronJ is enabling its social distancing software which deploys innovative solutions to drive business growth and ultimately, improves the quality of life for people around the globe in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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