New PerfectLum 4 with Apple iMac 27” received FDA clearance. This bundle will help medical facilities to meet Quality Assurance Guidelines for diagnostic monitors

Wilmington, DE , September 10, 2020 – QUBYX is releasing a new version of its DICOM calibration and display quality assurance (QA) software PerfectLum with the Apple 5K iMac 27” to the public. The bundle received FDA(510K) clearance and can even be used as a home office workstation.

With this move, QUBYX strengthens its presence in the important diagnostic, teleradiology, and medical display market with a product that will likely under-price most existing FDA approved medical monitors. This is the first Apple iMac diagnostic medical display to be offered to healthcare institutions.

QUBYX’s PerfectLum is a multi-platform, multilingual, full-featured, calibration system with remote management that significantly enhances display performance in all circumstances. More importantly, PerfectLum provides up-to-date industry-specific compliance with medical imaging standards (Including NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF). This is the first time that such industry-specific standards have been achievable on a Mac.

Apple has a long history of premium performance monitors and the current models are no exception, offering impressive specs – 500nits brightness, 5K with 5120 x 2880 resolution, P3 (wide color) and a billion colors.

“In medical imaging departments, where every effort should be made to maintain the adequate image quality, calibrations and QA procedures have to be done regularly. That requires much time.” – says Marc Leppla, Director of Qubyx. “We believe that the last update of PerfectLum with its convenient features will considerably facilitate the QA procedures for the diagnostic or clinical display users, save time and money.”

Download and try the latest release of PerfectLum with the new functionality at

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