How To Choose Floor Mats for Your Vehicle

Tired of cleaning dirt and mud off your floorboards? Whether you have missing floor mats or sorry excuses for mats lining the floor of your car, it’s time to upgrade. Find out how quality rubber mats, nerf bars and other accessories can help keep your car clean and comfortable. Use this buying guide to shop online for quality mats that fit your vehicle, your driving style and your budget.

Shop by Shape

Floor mats need to completely cover the floor around your front seat, passenger seat and backseat. A mat that’s too small will keep sliding and let dirt and water slide underneath it, while a large mat won’t fit in your vehicle. The best way to find a mat that fits is to shop online and sort based on your make, model and year of vehicle. A quality online store will automatically select the mat sizes and shapes that fit your ride for hassle-free ordering.

Compare Materials

Stock floor mats are usually made of carpet with a light rubber backing. While stylish, these mats quickly become matted down with mud, soaked with water and difficult to clean. Find aftermarket mats to replace them and save yourself the hassle of shampooing your car’s floor every week. Carpet mats aren’t suited for heavy use, so swap them out for rubber or vinyl in your work truck, daily commuter or cross-country ride.

Rubber floor mats are durable, waterproof and surprisingly affordable. WeatherTech is a leading brand of rubber mats, but there are plenty of great brands to choose from. Shop for mats with grooves and side walls so you’re not putting your foot in a puddle or cleaning up water that sloshes around under your rubber mat. Check out an online store to see where to buy WeatherTech floor mats at discounted prices and have them shipped right to your home.

Select a Color and Logo

Finally, it’s time to compare styles. Rubber floor mats come in a surprising range of colors, groove patterns and logo prints. Get a set of mats that match your interior and show off your brand of vehicle or pick up a set that boasts a logo of your favorite aftermarket manufacturer. Mats can come with sports team logos, military emblems and other branding to make your truck stand out or to show your pride in your car or SUV.

Order New Mats Online

Don’t settle for your worn-out OEM mats. Reduce the time it takes to clean out your car’s interior with these durable mats. Simply pull them out, shake them and spray them off if necessary to restore your clean, ready-to-roll interior. Easy maintenance means more time on the road and less time at the garage or car wash.

As long as you know your make and model of vehicle, you don’t have to shop in store to find compatible floor mats. Shop for vinyl or rubber floor mats online to order custom rubber floor mats or premade options to fit your needs. Enjoy quick shipping, easy sorting and great prices on these stylish and dependable accessories.

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