All The Sniffs Creates New Joint Care Softchew

London-based company All The Sniffs has created a new daily softchew for dogs that not only helps with joint support but tastes great too.

The problem is that as dogs age, the natural wear and tear on their joints and connective tissues starts to have an effect on their daily lives. They often become less playful, less energetic and start showing signs of movement difficulties, such as going upstairs or jumping into your car.  It can be difficult to avoid this as the life of a dog is usually one of activity and boundless energy, which is partly why we love them so much.

Expensive medicines and surgeries are often offered as the only solution at this point. If you don’t have insurance, this is often too much for most people to afford – and even if you do, it can be a stressful process to try and claim for it. Cost aside, surgery is often a traumatic experience for the dogs themselves.

Although it’s usually overlooked, your dog’s diet has a powerful effect on their health. By ensuring they consume the right nutrients as part of their daily diet, you can often see results in their health and wellbeing.

This is why All The Sniffs created a joint support supplement – Happy Joints. It’s a convenient way to ensure your dog gets all the right things in their diet each day to support their joint health. Each softchew is packed full of ingredients specially chosen to help with joint, cartilage and connective tissue health. Amongst other things, each one has glucosamine, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and antioxidants – all of which promote joint health.

The great thing is that this isn’t a foul-tasting medicine. Dog owners know that it can be incredibly difficult to make a dog eat something they don’t want to and it can end up being a stressful ordeal for everyone involved. Owners don’t want force-feed their dogs each day, which is why Happy Joint softchews are a delicious chicken and bacon flavour. You can give them as a treat or a reward which transforms it into being a fun part of the day.

What’s more, All The Sniffs recognised that prevention is often better than cure. They made Happy Joints suitable for any dog over the age of 12 weeks. So younger dogs can also get the daily health benefits of joint support as they grow.

All The Sniffs is a brand centred around the health and wellbeing of dogs. Although they wouldn’t disclose the full details, we received confirmation that there were working on more products to help with other aspects of health, which were due to be released later in the year.

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