IT Hardware Auditing With Capital

Coronavirus, COVID-19 or even the pandemic; whatever you refer to it as, one thing’s for sure, it has caused mayhem not only here in the UK but around the entire globe. We heard snippets about a virus from different news sources back in January and just over a month later, discussions about lockdown were beginning. Come March, the UK was placed on a full lockdown which meant the vast majority of the UK’s workforce being told to work from home. 

The moment those employees left the premises however, thousands and thousands of IT devices went with them. While this was undoubtedly a necessary move in order to ensure companies continued to run efficiently, it has made keeping track of your company’s IT hardware an even tougher task than you may have found it before.

The Importance Of Auditing

IT Hardware Auditing is an integral part of any business. Keeping track of equipment, having a clear, concise map of where each device is, is key to ensure goods are not only kept in good working order but are also kept on top of; ultimately keeping costs down where possible.

During the pandemic however, IT hardware auditing became even more crucial thanks to the sudden and rather unprecedented amount of equipment leaving company offices virtually overnight.

The importance of auditing however still does not take away from the fact that it is a mammoth task, especially if your company has multiple locations throughout the country. Thankfully, with the help of Capital, your auditing nightmares are officially a thing of the past.

Capital Are Your Go-To For IT Hardware Auditing

With the help of Capital, you can keep track of every device within your company, regardless of whether you have one small office or are stationed in multiple locations across the UK. Not only will Capital locate the equipment you’re already searching for, more often than not they’ll discover items you may have forgotten about. 

Capital have assisted in locating 1000’s of pieces of IT Hardware, often helping a company reduce their monthly outgoings and most certainly helping reduce future costs by finding hardware that simply wasn’t being kept track of.

Keeping track of IT Hardware is no mean feat but with the help of Capital, the added time and concern is taken out of your hands. It’s made all the more convenient as results are gained for you and a cohesive report of the IT hardware under your company name, including their location and working order, is handed to you. 

Allow Capital To Keep You In The Know

The need for accurate auditing has never been more important with employees still working from home in a number of different sectors. With Capital, it’s easier than ever to locate your IT devices and ensure employees know what they have and what they’ll need to bring back upon returning to the office. If you’d like more information on remote IT hardware auditing and how tackling your auditing right now could prove a huge benefit, contact Capital today.