Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Best Gift for Homebody

Wondering what to get this year? Don’t worry, we did the hard work for you.

The holiday season is here! While it will certainly look different than in years past as we all have smaller celebrations at home this year, the joy of giving gifts to family and friends remains the same. And the struggle to find the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life? Well, that will probably always remain the same, too.  But, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite holiday gifts that are perfect for staying home–staying cosy– and spending time with family.

For the Movie Lover 

We’ve all probably watched more movies and TV this year than we typically would, but everyone’s got that someone in their lives who really loves curling up on the couch and settling in to watch a favourite flick. This gift is for them and for all of those who’ve spent the year working from their couches.

The Bedsure TV blanket is a bit like a snuggie but far better. This wearable blanket has long arm cuffs to keep things flexible and mobilized, but the cuffs are long enough to ensure you stay warm and cosy. Similarly, the length of the blanket is constructed to keep you warm from your neck to your toes, literally. Measuring 170×200 cm, the blanket is meant to hit the floor and act as the perfect companion to keep you warm on the couch! The TV blanket is also crafted with a large front pocket to keep items in a convenient place while you cosy up on chilly nights.

For the One Who’s Always Cold 

Every family has a member whose feet are always chilly, who’s always hogging the blanket, or tuning the heat up too high. As temperatures drop and nights spent by the fire become every night occurrence, having a warm, cosy blanket to cuddle up with is the perfect gift for the holiday season.

The Bedsure Sherpa Blanket is one of the warmest, softest blankets in our entire collection. Designed with a luxe fleece face on one side and plush Sherpa on the other, each side’s texture helps to promote warmth and to keep you warm throughout the night. Our smooth fleece is made with 220 GSM fleece while the Sherpa is made with 260 GSM, making it an incredibly soft and cosy option to snuggle up with on the couch! Available in 10 different colours and multiple different sizes, the Sherpa Blanket is made to suit all different types of styles and comfort levels.

For the Friend Who Can’t Get Comfy 

Holiday gifts are a sweet way to show your friends and family not just that you love them, but that you care for them and want them to live their best lives. If you have a friend or family member who struggles to get to sleep at night or is just looking to have a better sleep experience, the Bedsure Orthopedic Pillow is a gift that isn’t only comfy but could help make a difference in their life. Our Orthopedic Pillow is made with three-layered memory foam and is ergonomically engineered to keep your spine aligned in any position.

Our 40D memory foam construction alleviates soreness from stiff muscles and is able to retain its shape and mould to a variety of sleeping positions. Whether a loved one in your life struggles with neck or back pain while sleeping, a memory foam pillow improves everyone’s quality of sleep, making it a thoughtful present for anyone in your life!

Bedsure wishes you a happy holiday season with friends and family this year!

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